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Working out with Bands & Balls

April 12, 2016


As far as workout equipment goes, stability balls and resistance bands are two of my all-time favorites. The ball has outperformed the floor and weight bench in studies because stability ball exercises use more muscles at the same time. And with bands, you can do exercises that normally require expensive machines without going to a gym. The result: You’ll firm up faster.

Here are seven exercises to get you started with balls and bands. Complete two sets of 10 to 12 reps of each exercise (unless otherwise noted), taking a 30-second break between sets. Do this workout two or three times a week, but not on consecutive days.

By combining these two exercise tools, you’ll recruit more muscle fibers, get all the benefits of a complete home gym, and sculpt beautiful, firm curves. Take a simple biceps curl, for instance. Doing this move on a ball requires more work, so it strengthens the muscles in your arms and tones your abs, waist, back, and legs because you need to use these muscles to maintain your balance. And bands allow you to move in arcs and circles, mimicking high-tech gym equipment and toning the front, back, and sides of your muscles. Now that’s what I call a total-body workout. As a bonus, bands and balls (which deflate) make great travel companions.

Band and ball basics This equipment costs less than $40 for both and is available at most sporting goods stores.

Bands Look for a package that includes light, medium, and heavy resistance bands that are at least 5 feet long. You should hold your band at a length that provides enough resistance to make your last two or three reps feel difficult. If the band is too long or you need more resistance, loosely wrap the ends around your hands. Move slowly through the steps of each exercise to optimize the resistance and prevent the band from snapping back to the starting position.

Balls Choose a size that allows you to sit with your feet flat and your thighs about parallel to the floor. For most, a 65-centimeter ball will do. However, if you’re shorter than 5-feet-5, try a 55-centimeter ball, and if you’re taller than 5-feet-11, try a 75-centimeter ball. If you’ve never used an exercise ball before, don’t inflate it completely. The more inflated and firmer the ball, the harder it is to balance.

*Excerpted from Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands by Denise Austin.

How To Use Resistance Bands & Exercise Balls

There are many different tools that can make exercise and strength training fun.
This article outlines:

  • How to use resistance bands and exercise balls
  • The health benefits of using these strength training tools
  • Things you should know before you begin exercising with either tool

Getting Started
Using resistance bands and exercise balls can help make your fitness efforts more enjoyable.

Using resistance bands and exercise balls can help make your fitness efforts more enjoyable.

By learning how to use each tool, you can do interesting and challenging exercises that meet your current needs or abilities.

Keep in mind that if you are new to exercise, or if it has been awhile since you exercised, you should see a medical doctor before starting any fitness program.

Strength training is a vital part of a fitness regime, and contributes to your overall health and well-being.

About Exercise Balls
Exercise balls are also commonly referred to as stability balls, fitness balls, Swiss balls, or physio-balls. They are an inexpensive and lightweight tool that can be used to improve strength, balance and functional fitness. They can be used at home, at the gym or fitness club, or almost anywhere.

Exercise balls generally cost from $10.00 to $40.00. Adult sizes range from 55 cm to 75 cm in diameter. To choose the size that is right for you, sit on the ball so that  your legs are at a 90 degree angle or greater.

Stores generally have a few balls inflated to allow you to try out the different sizes. Otherwise, refer to the specifications listed on the packaging. When you inflate the ball, be sure to follow the inflation procedures provided in the manufacturer’s instructions.How to Use an Exercise Ball

When sitting on the ball, placing your feet wider apart helps you to keep your balance or stabilize your body. With your feet closer together, it’s harder to keep your balance.

When sitting on the ball, placing your feet wider apart helps you to keep your balance or stabilize your body. With your feet closer together, it’s harder to keep your balance.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to use an exercise ball for a variety of exercises.

Here are five examples of basic exercises you can do on an exercise ball:

  • Abdominal crunches
  • Wall squat
  • One arm row
  • Chest press
  • Hamstring curls

The following basic safety considerations should be followed:

  • Breathe (inhale and exhale) through each exercise.
  • Avoid bouncy movements.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles tight when doing exercises on the ball.

You can use an exercise ball safely on your own, but consulting a fitness professional may help, as they can instruct you on correct techniques and getting the most benefits from using this tool.

If you try it and don’t like using an exercise ball there are many other ways to get fit or achieve your strength training objectives.

Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are an inexpensive, lightweight and portable tool that can be used to improve strength. They are also commonly referred to as exercise bands, resistance tubing, or therabands.

Resistance bands come in different forms and different resistance levels. Some are resistance tubing with a handle on each end, which makes it easier to hold onto when doing some exercises. Others look like medical tubing or an oversized elastic band.

Resistance bands that offer more resistance usually come in darker colours, while those offering less resistance come in lighter colours. Prices typically range from $4.00 to $12.00.

The following basic safety considerations should be followed when using a resistance band:

  • Check the band and handles regularly for signs of wear and tear, replacing them as needed, to avoid snapping the band or possible injury.
  • When doing an exercise movement you should feel the resistance in the first 10 to 30 degrees of the movement. (For instance, you should feel the resistance when you first begin to lift your arm while doing a bicep curl. Don’t go beyond that point, as this could cause a muscle strain or pull.)

Here are five examples of basic exercises you can do with resistance bands:

  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep extension
  • One arm row
  • Chest press
  • Leg press

To see a short video on how to do these exercises, visit the Mayo Clinic’s website.

Fun for All Ages
People of all ages can benefit from strength training. Using exercise balls and resistance bands can make it fun, and they are practical tools for working out at home or in the gym.

After you view the suggested videos, start slowly and try out some of the exercises. If you feel unsure or uncomfortable, consider asking for help from a fitness professional. Even if you feel confident, a fitness professional can offer extra tips or insights.

Coffs Coast Health Club eNews – March 2016

March 1, 2016


Join The 2016 Fitness Buddy Challenge!

buddy workout

Our 2016 Fitness Buddy Challenge is scheduled for Saturday 7th May. Grab your buddy and register at reception asap to secure your team. Your training can start today or you can wait for the official 8 week lead up starting on the 14th March for the challenge exercises below. Great prizes up for grabs and rewards along the way. Link up with your favourite Personal Trainer for some discounted small group personal training to get you Buddy Challenge ready!

Buddys can be any age, any sex and any fitness level. Friends, family, colleagues or even complete strangers. The winners of the event will be based

on Total Accumulated Buddy Points from the following exercises:

  • Most Toe Push-ups in 1 minute
  • Longest Wall Squat Held
  • Most Sit-ups (elbows to knees, unassisted) in 1 minute
  • 2km run time
  • Most skips with rope in 2 minutes

Participants who choose to go without Personal Training preparation pay $25 each to enter. Participants who choose to go with Personal Training preparation pay only $10 each to enter.

Each participant can access the special offer of only $20 per 30min session or $35 per 60min session for Small Group Personal Training before the event. Participants do not need to be a member of Coffs Coast Health Club to take part in the event but if a non-member decides to join, they will SAVE OVER $200.

Prizes will also be awarded for the best dressed Buddys, surprise mystery challenges and lucky door.

trophy team

Register at Toormina or Moonee reception desks or call Glen 0411 037 097 or Jacqui 0421 971 155 for further information.



So How Can Our Exercise Physiologist Actually Help You?

We interviewed Daniel Ryan, our Exercise Physiologist to shed some light on who he is and what he does.daniel EP

Tell us a bit about your background Daniel?

I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science degree. After growing up on a sugar cane farm near Yamba, I moved to Brisbane to continue my study before moving back to the coast. I’m passionate about helping people be the healthiest and happiest they can be, and I’m certain that exercise is one of the single best things to achieve this.

Who should see you?

I specialise in using exercise as treatment for many chronic health conditions as well as for those recovering from injury or living with a disability. I work individually with my clients or within a team of other allied health care professionals like I do at Coffs Coast Health Club between physiotherapy, massage therapy, weight loss coaching and personal training to prescribe exercise programs and lifestyle modification strategies which are backed up by scientific research. Put simply, just about anyone who needs support with exercise. Some of the common reasons clients see me are for rehabilitation, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and lower back pain. It’s important to remember that exercise can be as fun as you make it and can bring about improved quality of life, pain management, improved immune system, greater self-confidence, improved body image and weight loss, increased independence in the home, facilitate social and community involvement, reduced risk of fracture through building bone density and reducing risk of falls. The list goes on and on…

For this month only Daniel is offering 10 lucky people a FREE Exercise Physiology assessment with him. To secure one of these appointments call 1300 27 37 47 now and achieve your results faster.


Thank you in advance for your patience over the next 30 days as we upgrade the air flow throughout the Moonee club and the showers at Toormina.


Spots and Dots Have All The Fun With The New Les Mills Class Launches!

Let’s farewell Summer and move into Autumn with a Spots and Dots.
SUPER SATURDAY at Toormina and a 
Spots and Dots MAD MONDAY at Moonee. We’ve got fitness, fun, new music and new moves that are guaranteed to get you hot & sweaty…CCHC_Group-Exercise-Logo-horizontal_smlCUT

Be the first to launch and experience the latest releases from Les Mills for PUMP, ATTACK, CYCLE and BALANCE, all on one big morning of motivation!

dots 2

Toormina – SUPER SATURDAY 19th March

PUMP                    (strength class)                    7.30am

CYCLE                   (fitness class)                      8.30am

ATTACK                 (fitness class)                      8.30am

BALANCE               (mind body class)                9.30am

Moonee – MONDAY MADNESS 21st March

PUMP                     (strength class)                   6.00am

BALANCE               (mind body class)                9.30am

ATTACK                  (fitness class)                     5.30pm

Come dressed in your best ‘Spots and Dots’ themed gear and you just may WIN a PRIZE!

Bring a friend for FREE to all class launches and show them why you love your LES MILLS classes so much!



ZUMBA – It’s Time to Join The Party!


Zumba is a fun, dynamic and effective dance fitness class where you can move your body to a fusion of Latin and international music. Zumba is all about having fun and shaking your booty and no dance experience is required.

Zumba is on our timetable at TOORMINA on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and Thursdays at 5.30pm. And now also on our MOONEE timetable on Wednesdays at 6.30pm!

There are options to suit everyone so that you can work within your limits and succeed. Give it a try today!


make a wish poster

Tickets for this amazing fundraiser are available at reception with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. A group of our Personal Trainers will also be auctioned off at the event so why not get involved, help a charity and pick yourself up a Personal Trainer as a gift for you or a friend.


Gold Coast Marathon Approaching!

gc marathon

Who’s going? Come and join Glen and Jacqui Barnett on the Gold Coast 2-3rd July for this incredible event. Choose 5km, 10km, half or full marathon or join the juniors in the 4 or 2km dash. Check it all out at

Accommodation should be booked asap as this event draws a massive crowd from around the world. Book in with a Personal Trainer for your running preparation or speak with Glen 0411 037 097 or Jacqui 0421 971 155 for more information.


Shop Local & SAVE with Your Membership Tag!

key tagsWelcome and thank you to another group of local businesses for being a part of the Coffs Coast Health Club Members Privileges program and we know by shopping local, we as a community, can show our support by utilizing the services they are offering us. By showing your CCHC membership tag when you make a purchase with one of these businesses you will be entitled to the offer they are providing.

Sharpening Kings, Matt Ryan Painting, M&D Concreting, Woodys Diner, Christopher Meder Photography, Fresh Express Coffs Central, Le Dain Designs Sawtell, Kendal Devine at Nolan Partners Estate Agents, Matt Devine at Nolan Partners Estate Agents, Emma Rhoades Photography, Prue Hoo Children’s Educator.

Their business cards are on display in the health club on our Members Privileges Board and the discounts available to all Members are listed on our website If you are a local business owner who would like to get involved with our Members Privileges program please give Jacqui a call on 0421971155.



SAVE $$$ During March Madness!

HI easter

During March our healthy inspirations team want to help you avoid the sugar overload this Easter (yes call us the fun police), so we are offering 10% OFF our entire range of Healthy Inspirations Products.

That’s 10% OFF our Proti Weight Loss Powders (vanilla, chocolate, choc orange), MetaLean Detox Fat Burners (tangy orange) and Pro Crunch Snack Bars (choc mint, wild berry, choc fudge) by the box.

So hop on down and get 10% OFF today but only while current stocks last!


Easter Break Opening Hours!


Again this year, we will be OPEN from 7am-12noon on Easter Saturday 26th March with all regular classes, as well as childminding between 7.15am-10.45am in Toormina or 7.15am-9.45am in Moonee.

The clubs will be unsupervised on Easter Friday 25th March, Easter Sunday 27th March and Easter Monday 28th March but will remain open with normal hours, classes & childminding before & after those days.

All 24/7 members will be able to access the club at anytime to workout during unsupervised times, so take advantage of that option and upgrade your membership for only $2 per week at reception if you haven’t already…



Seniors Week is Coming Soon!

seniors 2016 2

Seniors Week is 1st to 10th April 2016 –  Grow Young – An attitude. A state of mind. To learn. To be free. To be inspired.

Coffs Coast Health Club loves Seniors week and this year we have a week filled with activities just for you!

  • Free Access Health club
  • Free Group Exercise Classes
  • Free Health Checks
  • Free Access to our Seniors Week Talk “Grow Young” with Jacqui (Jarratt) Barnett
  • Discounted Morning Tea
  • Free Entry into our Seniors “Grow Young” photo competition
  • Giveaways and Prizes

Stay Tuned for more information mid way through March and in the meantime check out the NSW Seniors Week Magazine online




Click here for more information on membership, personal training, weight loss, massage therapy, rehabilitation, group exercise, childminding, privileges card & fitness careers or call us on 6658 6222 for Toormina or on 6653 6122 for Moonee for more help.

Invite your friends for a FREE TRIAL & grab yourself a new training buddy!



Your CCHC Team

Healthy Inspirations Recipe of the Week – Celery & Almond Salad

January 28, 2016


Fitness starting with your Feet

November 29, 2015

Our feet and ankles are very important, considering we couldn’t stand, walk, run, or roundhouse kick someone in the face without them. Unfortunately, our lower limbs tend to be neglected unless something goes wrong.

Strong and flexible feet, ankles, and calves provide our base for stable movement, and are essential for performing our daily activities without pain or strain. In this article, I will give you a brief introduction to the the basic anatomy and movements in the ankle and foot (just enough for a good familiarity, but not enough for you to perform surgery…). Then, I’ll discuss the primary importance of working on this area, and finally, how to incorporate exercises for these areas into your training routine.

Your lower leg is made up of the bigger tibia on the inside and the smaller fibula on the outside, then connects lower down to the talus and the calcaneus (heel), then to the five small bones of the instep and the metatarsals and phalanges (your toes).

Lots of different sized ligaments connect the bones together for stability, along with various muscles from the big calf to the small muscles that move your toes.

Foot Anatomy

The ankle and foot is made to move in a great variety of angles to provide stability and dexterity, carrying us over all types of terrain from soft sand to rocky ground. Your ankle is not like a hinge on a door, and your foot isn’t just one big lump you slide your socks onto.

All the large and small joints in this area work together to provide this nimbleness, but only if we keep them moving like they are supposed to!

Your Lower Legs Work Hard for You – Here’s What They Do

Jump RopeOur calves (the bigger gastrocnemius and smaller, deeper soleus muscles) point the foot down, giving us the power to rise up on our toes and assist with running and jumping. But even with the foot flat on the ground, our calves provide stability in squatting, lunging, and other big movements.

On the front and sides of the shin are the anterior tibialis, posterior tibialis, and peronei muscles, which provide stability like stirrups and slings, and also the fine motor control that keeps us balanced and steady.

Down into the foot are many small muscles that control our arches and toes. These foot intrinsic muscles are the most at risk for atrophy from disuse when we don’t actively get out of our shoes and move our feet as we’re meant to do.

What Can Go Wrong in the Foot and Ankle

With all this considered, it’s easy to see the complexity of large and small muscles and joints working together to keep us upright and walking, as well as running, jumping, and balancing.

The coordination and differentiation of all these possible movements is key to foot and ankle control, and to moving freely and gracefully through your feet.

It’s also likely why we hear so many complaints about stiff ankles and feet.

If the smaller muscles are too weak to support your foot and ankle, your body reacts by increasing the tension where it can, in the bigger muscles. The tightness in the calf and ankle is then a protective mechanism that stretching may help a bit, but improved control and strength in the foot would solve.

Another common issue people experience is collapse arches in the feet. This is caused by poor mobility in the midfoot, along with weak posterior tibialis and intrinsic muscles. With improved mobility and strength in these areas, the arches should correct themselves over time.

Below we’ll discuss a variety of exercises with an emphasis on coordination and dexterity to wake up dormant muscles and restore proper mobility and control over this important area.

8 Exercises for Building Strength and Motor Control in the Feet and Ankles

The exercises we show here have an emphasis on active movement in various angles and ranges of motion.

A lot of people don’t fully explore the movement our feet and ankles are capable of, and this results in stiffness and weakness. The first step is knowing that it is actually possible to move this way, and the next and best step is to practice!


Below, we’ll look at each of these exercises in detail so you can understand the mechanics and benefits of each exercise, as well as programming recommendations.

1. Foot Circles with Toes Flexed (Curled)

Foot 1This movement concentrates on the small muscles in the arch of the foot. These foot intrinsicssupport the foot, and control over them means improved control and dexterity, which is so important in graceful and athletic movement.

It’s a simple movement – it’s just making a circle! – but the addition of flexing your toes makes this surprisingly difficult and can lead to muscle cramping in the beginning. Start off by not flexing your toes strongly and do the circles slowly.

Do 10-15 reps in each direction for 2-3 sets.

2. Toe and Ankle Movement Coordination

Foot 2Here is another simple movement that works on coordinating the use of the muscles of the lower leg and foot. Simply lift your foot up and down through your full range of motion and add the toe movements with it as well.

The coordination is toe extension (lifting toes upward) as you lift your foot upward, and toe flexion (curling in) as you point your foot down. And the other variation is then flexing your toes down as you lift your foot upward, and extending your toes as you point your foot down.

Do 10 repetitions of both variations for 2 sets.

3. Diagonal Patterns

Foot 3These are combined motion patterns of either your foot lifting up and rolling inward and then pointing down and outward; or your foot lifting up and rolling outward and then pointing down and inward. You are essentially tracing an X with your foot as you work on the coordination of ankle and foot motions.

This can be another surprisingly difficult exercise and is extremely useful for learning how your ankle can move.

Do 10-20 reps for 2-3 sets.

4. Rolling up Onto the Toes

Foot 4This is the first exercise where we are putting weight onto our feet.

The goal here is to combine a loaded active stretch to the ankle and foot together. It’s a dynamic move, so don’t hold too long in any position, instead go slowly through the full range and back again to encourage active movement through all the positions.

Do 5-8 reps for 3 sets.

5. Squats with Ankle Rotation

Foot 5In this exercise, don’t worry if you can’t drop down into the full deep squat position. The purpose of this exercise is to practice rolling on the inside and outside of your feet while weightbearing in a “compromising” position.

If you were to run and unexpectedly roll onto the side of your foot, you’d likely get a nasty ankle sprain. The exercise shown here is a progressive way to practice these common stresses to your feet and ankles. You can control the pressure and stress of the movement and use it to strengthen these positions to make it less likely to be severely injured when it unexpectedly happens.

Do 5-8 reps for 3 sets.

6. Ankle Rolling Side-to-Side

Ankle RollingHere we move to standing and up on the ball of the foot as we practice rolling our ankle from side to side.

Again, it’s better to do this while we are controlling the forces so we can strengthen them, rather than having it happen randomly and possibly causing injury.

Do 5-8 reps for 3 sets.

7. Weightbearing Ankle Circles on the Heel/Ball of Foot

Foot 7Continuing in standing, we’ll now practice ankle circles while placing as much weight as we are comfortable with on either our heels or on the ball of the foot.

There are different forces and strains involved in the two variations, so it’s good to familiarize yourself with both.

Do 10 reps in each direction for 2 sets.

8. Calf Raises

Calf RaisesAnother classic exercise, this is the most direct way of strengthening the calf muscles in their full range of motion from a full stretch to a full contraction. You can adjust your intensity by how much you hold on with your hands and by eventually adding weight to your body through a backpack or holding dumbbells.

If this is too much for you, then work both feet at the same time or start on a flat floor versus a step to reduce the range of motion until you get stronger and can handle strengthening from the full stretch.

Do 8-12 reps for 3 sets.

Fundamental Calf Stretches for Flexible Lower Legs

Calf StretchA very common complaint we hear from people is their lack of ankle flexibility.

Many bodyweight exercise moves, especially as you move into intermediate and advanced work, such as the pistol squat and various locomotive patterns, require good ankle flexibility.

The calf muscles are a very dense muscle group because we use them constantly – even just in standing and walking. And the ankle joints,  because of the lack of variety of motion throughout the day, tend to be stiff and immobile. This can require aggressive stretching, in terms of load, not intensity, to achieve improvements in range of motion.

A classic and effective exercise is using a step or sturdy block for your foot so you can drop your heel down to stretch.

It’s simple, not fancy, but works extremely well if you are consistent and approach it the right way. I recommend doing this in shoes, in this way you can place the middle of your foot on the edge of the step comfortably for the stretch. This is protective of your foot arch and allows you to put more weight into the stretch.


The variations are with your knee locked out straight and with your knee bent. The straight leg version emphasizes more of a gastrocnemius stretch, and the bent knee version gives the calf muscles a bit of slack and thus puts more of a stretch in the ankle joint.

The calf responds well to long holds of stretching, so 1 to 2 minutes for 3 sets should be a minimum goal. Stretch before active movement such as the strength and motor control exercises above so that your body learns to adjust and retain the new range of motion from the stretching.

Self-Massage Techniques for Healthy Feet, Ankles, and Calves

Self MassageA bit of self massage work is very useful in the lower leg and foot to loosen some tension prior to stretching and exercise.

The massage itself doesn’t make you more flexible, but it does temporarily help you feel less tight and gives you a window of opportunity to stretch further with less discomfort.

Just make sure not to overdo it, the trick is to apply just enough pressure to ease tension, not push as hard as you can to force it to happen!


Starting at the foot, work along the sole along the contours of the bones and feel the small muscles in you feet, keep the pressure light at first then gradually increase the pressure. If you are doing it correctly you’ll notice an easing off of tension in the muscles. You can then add more pressure and continue if you feel you need it, or move on to the next area.

Move on to the sides of your shin, into the calf and the front of your shin. The calf can be especially sore to massage deeply, so be aware of this and go gradually until you get accustomed to the pressure.

You can also use a ball to change the pressure and get into the muscles from a different angle.

Along with being mindful of gradually increasing pressure, you should limit your time on self massage to no more than 5 minutes. Too much of a good thing is still too much. And it is much more valuable to spend the majority of your time on active exercise.

Keep Your Feet Healthy for a Lifetime

Our ankles and feet are too often under-exercised and taken for granted considering how much we rely on them everyday. It’s no surprise that this neglect of their full range of motion and total potential for coordinated movement can lead to stiffness and weakness, and perhaps even pain.

This article focused on simple, yet effective exercises that not only lessen the chances of potential injury, but may also reverse some damage that has already been done (barring any true injuries in need of surgery or more intensive therapy).

Spend 5-10 minutes on these exercises every day, and you’re likely to feel your feet getting stronger, more flexible, and more able to handle variations in movement.


Article Sourced from:


Coffs Coast Health Club eNews – November 2015

November 1, 2015
SAVE $$$ & Help Tackle Domestic Violence This November!
WhiteRibbonIf you or anyone you know joins Coffs Coast Health Club before the end of November they WILL CHOOSE THEIR OWN JOINING FEE! Pay as little or as much as you like with the whole donation going to the white ribbon foundation!

We know it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise during November but it’s a hell of a lot easier if you’re doing it with someone. Training buddies can help keep you accountable, motivate you, keep you on track & provide a social relief when working out. That’s why we are also giving TWO WEEKS FREEimmediately to any current member that refers a friend that joins. 

If there is ever a time to keep up your training, burn those excess chocolate calories or start on a new workout regime its NOW! The offers are only valid to the first 50 people that join on any 12 month pay as you go membership in 

white ribbon

November, so move fast…

Call 6658 6222, email chris or just drop in & join up.

SHARE THIS OFFER with everyone & remember to tell them to let us know you referred them so you can get 2 WEEKS FREE.

Our Massage Therapists want to Loosen You Up!

smile compressWhy try to fight through pain and muscle tightness to try and reach your fitness goals?  Remedial massage can be the solution you need to feel relaxed, loose and ready to enjoy life again.

At Coffs Coast Health Club you are blessed to have the services of Ange and Riana to look after your body and keep you feeling great.  Massage is too often seen as a luxury, rather than important maintenance for the body to keep moving well.  You rarely miss servicing your car as you understand the importance of having it running well – your body is no difference.  It needs 

photoregular maintenance to ensure it is firing on all cylinders, mean you can work, train and play pain free with a lower risk of injury.

Ange has been a much loved member of the Coffs Coast Health Club team in the Toormina club for a long time, providing the highest quality remedial massage to get the best outcomes for her many clients.  You also now have access to Riana Begg in Toormina to provide the same quality service you have come to expect.  Riana has worked with Mid North Coast Physio for the past 12 months since relocating from the South Coast and brings a range of skills in massage, yoga instruction and is currently completing a degree in Health and Rehab Science through Charles Sturt University.  

With this much talent in Toormina – what are you waiting for?!

As a special offer for the first 20 people, you can receive an hour massage for the price of 30mins.  To book, call NOW on 1300 27 37 47 to secure one of these special deals.  You could be pain free and feeling great in no time at all!

Annual Outdoor Balance Class!

BalanceIt’s that time of the year again when we take Coffs Coast Health Club’s Saturday morning Balance class outdoors to Sawtell’s Southern Headland.


Last years event was again a huge success with over 80 participants & a beautiful morning to remember. Balance classes are a combination of yoga, tai chi & pilates incorporating strength, flexibility, balance & relaxation exercises. Participating in this class while overlooking the ocean & whales frolicking in the background is a simply amazing experience.

Bring as many friends as possible, a yoga mat or towel, drink bottle, a donation for White Ribbon & remember to dress in white to support this fantastic cause

Who:     All members & their invited guests

When:   Saturday 21st November at 9am, we wanted you to have enough time to get there after the 7.30am pump class

Where:  Sawtell Headland, off Boronia St, Sawtell

As a SPECIAL BONUS, anyone that joins the club on the day can choose their own joining fee (normally $149) & we will donate the entire amount to White Ribbon

Get a Head Start on Your Christmas Pudding!

ChristmasPuddingSanta 3

Coffs Coast Health Club Personal Trainers are offering you the opportunity to get a head start on your Christmas Pudding (belly) by taking advantage of their 3 x 30minute Personal Training Sessions for ONLY $99!  
This offer is only available for November and sessions must be finished by Christmas Eve.
Call 6658 6222 or Glen directly on 0411 037 097 to organise your sessions today!
Annual Members & Guests Christmas Party!


We wait all year for this night! Come & join us for a night of fun, frivolity, good food, great company and fantastic music…
When:                 Friday 27th November
Time:                  6.30pm – 10ish
Where:                Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club
Entertainment:    Ben Francis – an amazing local musician
Dress:                 Party Clothes
Cost:                   $30 each 


BYO alcohol and other drinks. Tickets are limited, so book now at reception!
Lucky door prizes, Team Member of the Year, Member of the Year, Most frequent visitor to Coffs Coast Health Club and other prizes and giveaways.
Starters served on platters…from the fabulous Spare Chef Catering Company!
Mezze with House made Dips, Cider Poached Chorizo Sausage, Marinated 
Fetta, Artichokes and Olives with Pita Wedges 


Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Nam Jim Sauce
Grilled Haloumi and Vegetable Skewers with Lemon and Parsley Gremolata
Main Course served in individual Noodle Boxes…
Mediterranean Salad with Char Grilled Chicken, Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing
Sweet Potato, Chick Pea and Baby Spinach with Tandoori Yoghurt
Thai Beef Salad with Asian Slaw and Rice Noodles, Nam Jim Dressing
Dessert…. a delicious and indulgent CAKE
Call 6658 6222 or pop on in to reception to reserve your spot today!
The Power of NanoPro as opposed to standard protein supplements!

NanoProWe all know that protein is an essential nutrient for the human body, but how do you know which protein is best? We’ve got you covered. Our EXCLUSIVE NanoPro takes protein to a whole new level. It is not just for muscles, it’s a full body internal tissue repair system that helps heal the entire body from the inside, out.


Product Benefits:

•           The highest bioavailability of any Protein supplement on the market

•           Increase lean muscle and bone mass

•           Speed recovery time from exercise, injury, illness, or surgery

•           Reduce injuries related to working out

•           Help maintain a trim, fat-burning, lean body mass

•           Stabilize blood sugar and blood lipid levels

•           Healthy appetite regulation

•           Supports low carb diets

•           Cellular detoxification and protection

•           Healthy heart, brain, bones, organs, tissue repair

•           Support a balanced immune system


NanoPro protein is truly a quantum leap in functional food nutrition that provides optimal health benefits. We are currently offering 10% OFF both Chocolate & Vanilla NanoPro but be quick because there are no limits on how many one person can buy & it’s first in best dressed. Don’t miss out!



Jacqui’s Fundraising Update!

stars-tv-slideONLY 14 DAYS LEFT until the big Dance For Cancer event (14th November Cex Club) and the excitement is building! Keep your eyes peeled as over the next few weeks there will be a Facebook Auction set up, to raffle off prizes from local friends and businesses that have been super generous to donate to this FANTASTIC cause! All prizes will also be posted to the Coffs Coast Health Club Facebook page so make sure you jump over and like the page to stay up to date with everything!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Amazing Personal Trainer Jenny Morrall has chosen to raise funds for the Cancer Council by getting a massive 50cm 

chopped off her beautiful hair, to be made into a wig for someone going through cancer treatments, on Thursday 12th November at the Business Women’s Network breakfast at Opal Cove resort .  


If you’d like to sponsor Jenny and support my fundraising, please donate through my Everyday Heroes page 

Jenny has created a facebook page to help you show support! Make sure you remember to donate as every dollar counts!


Short Term Workout Options for Friends & Family!

ShortTermDo you have friends or family that are in town during the school holidays? Would you like to save them some money & get them working out with you? Well due to popular demand we are now offering some short term workout options for them…

Single Visit – adult only $15, student/baby boomer only $10, incl access during all supervised hours

Week Pass – adult only $29, student/baby boomer only $19, incl access during all supervised hours

Summer Holiday Student Membership – only $14 p/w min.4 weeks, incl access during all hours 24/7. The 24/7 access keytag must also be purchased for $29 at time of joining (SAVE $149)

Simply see reception or call 6658 6222 to take advantage of these offers for a limited time.



Healthy Inspirations Recipe of the Week – Greek-Style Slow-Roasted Beef

October 15, 2015


Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – 10 Ways to Stay Healthy this Summer

September 29, 2015

Ok I’ve been asked again to write my top 10 ways to stay healthy this summer.  We’re having a great summer season so use my tips to make sure yours is the healthiest ever.

  1. Activity guidelines for Australians recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days.  So as well as doing some structured exercise get outside and go for a swim, surf, bush walk, bike ride or even a kayak.
  2. Remember the Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap Campaign.  Slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on some sunnies.
  3. Stay as cool as a cucumber.  Eating cucumber after you workout will help bring your body temperature back to normal.
  4. After your workout try room temperature water rather than drinking a cold drink which will interfere with your body’s natural cooling mechanism (sweat).
  5. Match your workout to the temperature and the time of day you’re going to be active.  For instance don’t go for your power walk in the middle of a hot day get up earlier and hit the pavement then. Try swimming later in the day so you’re left refreshed and relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.
  6. Can’t sleep on these warm nights?  Prepare yourself and your boudoir for the night. Use a fan, remove some of your bedding, sprinkle some lavender on your pillow to promote relaxation, enjoy a cool shower just before you hop into bed and enjoy the cool fan on your body as you drift off.
  7. When you wake in the morning enjoy a large glass of room temperature water mixed with some lemon juice and then throughout your day make sure hydration is at the top of your list.  If you feel hungry check you’re not thirsty. A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger and during summer you don’t need those extra calories but you do need that extra hydration.
  8. Remember winter immunity starts in summer so enjoy raw salads or steamed veges to get the best nutrients. Include foods that are H2O rich like cucumber,  carrots, steamed zucchini and melons to fill you up and keep your kjs down.
  9. Don’t like daylight saving?  Try to get atleast 15minutes of direct sunlight each day because before you know it the days will be shorter and our Vitamin D levels will be diminishing.
  10. Last but not least – smile.  If you can’t smile fake it.  Laughing and smiling release feel good healthy hormones which will definitely serve you well every day of summer and into those autumn days to come.

Want a FREE Workout?
Give Glen or Jacqui a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 6658 6222 or organise.

Coffs Coast Health Club – eNews August 2105

August 25, 2015

CCHC-inline“Empowering the Coffs Coast to be the happiest & healthiest community in Australia”
#strongertogether   #fitnessnfun   #coffscoasthealthclub

**NEWSFLASH** Coffs Coast Health Club Moonee COMING SOON!!!

The biggest announcement we have ever made has now arrived, yes that’s right we are opening a second Coffs Coast Health Club in Moonee on Saturday 19th September to help us cater for the entire Coffs Coast. moonee__retina_logo
If you live or work on the southside between Nambucca & Coffs, then Toormina is the club for you, however if you live or work on the northside between Coffs & Corindi, then Moonee is the club for you.

Current members of Toormina can transfer their home club to Moonee if that is more convenient for them or what most people have done is simply upgrade to a 24/7 Freedom Membership, which offers access to
moonee shopall classes & equipment in both facilities for only $19 p/w.
The new Moonee club will provide the same services as Toormina & the limited Foundation Memberships are now selling fast. Lee Kennedy is the Moonee Health Club Manager & can be contacted directly on 0409 079 311 or via to secure your new membership or transfer but be quick as we only have 100 Foundation Memberships available.
We are also offering 2 weeks FREE Membership to all current members for every friend they refer that becomes a member of the new club.
Exciting times ahead!!!



Positions Vacant – A New Club Means More Employment Opportunities Too!!!
positions vacant 2
Most of our current employees have either been members of the club or are related to members of Coffs Coast Health Club & that’s the way we like it. Members & anyone affiliated with the club understands the importance we place on the service of our current members & local community. We hire based on a positive attitude first, as we can always teach the necessary skills required later.

The expansion now provides a number of full time & casual opportunities to join the team & we have the following roles available for the right candidates: Reception/Customer Service, Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, Childminders, Cleaners, Maintenance, Fitness Trainee, Business Trainee.

The positions may be suitable for you or someone you know, so pass it on. If you would like your favourite instructor or trainer to join the team than let them know. All you/they have to do is complete the application form here & drop it in to the Toormina club by 8pm Friday 4th September. 


It’s Here – Member Appreciation Day 2015!
internal posterAugust 2015 is a monumental month in the history of Coffs Coast Health Club. It signifies 6 years since we first opened our doors & the start of our crusade to empower the Coffs Coast to be the happiest & healthiest community in Australia.

The club is certainly owned by passionate local health care professionals but it is the community in & around the club that breathes life into it. This community is made up of a terrific team & magnificent members combining to create a comfortable & supportive environment. The club has been recognised Australia wide for the efforts of everyone involved by becoming the regions most awarded health club & we want to say thank you.

This Saturday 29th August we will provide FREE ENTRY for past & current Member’s & their invited Guests. Group Exercise Classes, Childmidning, Face Painting, Fresh Fruit, Birthday Cake, Protein Balls, Product Samples, Seated Massage, Personal Training Challenges, Physiotherapy Assessments, Lucky Door Prizes & Giveaways.
We will also be offering once off Super Specials on Membership, Merchandise, Supplements, Personal Training & Massage Therapy Packs.
Simply show up on the day & you will go in the draw to WIN a GETAWAY to Aanuka Beach Resort! We will also give you a bonus ticket in to the draw for every friend or family member you bring on the day…
See you there!!!


Dance for Cancer Fundraisers with Jacqui!
IMG_0271Stars of Coffs Coast – Dance for Cancer is a gala fundraising event for the Cancer Council NSW. The “Stars” consist of business owners and other notable characters from the Coffs Coast dancing with some of our local fabulous and talented dance teachers. The “Stars” are required to fundraise and perform a dance routine at a showcase dance event at C.ex Coffs on Saturday, 14th November 2015. 
We are REALLY EXCITED to let you know that our very own Jacqui Barnett has been nominated as one of the Stars of Coffs Coast who are going to be Dancing for Cancer in November this year. 
You can attend her fundraising Trivia Night with a Twist on Friday 28th of August at Cavanbah Hall, Coffs Harbour by either purchasing tickets from reception at Coffs Coast Health Club (cash only) OR by clicking on this link     

Stay tuned for more information or contact Jacqui directly on 
0421 971 155.


Click here for more information on membershippersonal trainingweight lossmassage therapy,
rehabilitationgroup exercisechildmindingprivileges card
 & fitness careers or call us on 6658 6222 for more help.

Invite your friends for a FREE TRIAL & grab yourself a new training buddy!

OPENING SOON! Coffs Coast Health Club Moonee! Call the Club Manager,
Lee Kennedy on 0409 079 311 for further information.


Your CCHC Team

Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Ageing Milestones

April 28, 2015

There are a few special birthdays coming up in my world soon and it got me to thinking about age related milestones that we tick off as we age.  Children are ‘ticked off’ as they age with developmental milestones which seem to stop and then reappear as health checks to tick off as we hit older age.

Here is some health checks you may already be aware of.

  • Age 50 we should be having a check for colorectal cancer (now the fun begins)
  • Age 50 women should be having mammograms every 2 years
  • Age 50 men should be being tested for prostate cancer
  • Age 55 we should be, being tested for lung cancer
  • Age 60, woman should be having a test for osteoporosis and the list goes on.

As depressing as these tests sound they are important and have helped many people become aware of health issues or the potential of developing health issues.

Here are some fitness and lifestyle checks to tick off at any birthday to keep you, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy so you can check in, and tick off next birthday as well.

Prefer your own company?  Research has shown they that spending time with others and making new friends has been shown to improve your mental health and wellbeing – of course it helps if you like the people you spending time with.

When you retire you may not want a daily routine but apparently this too is also good for our health.

Learning new activities, taking up new interests and doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return will assist your mental wellbeing.

Obviously being active and exercising at least 30 minutes most days will definitely help us move (literally) positively towards each and many birthdays to come.  Set yourself some age health and fitness goals so that this birthday and beyond you can tick off what I like to call ‘smilestones’.  Here’s some examples

  • Age 50 you can walk at least 2kms comfortably
  • Age 55 you can still ride a bike – preferable a push bike
  • Age 60 you can do 10 abdominal crunches
  • Age 65 you can walk up a decent hill having a good chat, singing a song or whistling
  • Age 70 you can stand on one leg for 2 minutes unaided
  • Age 75 you can touch your toes
  • Age 80 you can put some music on and dance for 10minutes with a smile on your face
  • Age 85 you can draw a deep breath into your lungs and hold it for 30 seconds

Where are you at with your birthday ‘smilestones’?
Give Glen a call on 66586222 for more information.