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Glen Barnett discusses the Squat

June 21, 2016

To squat or not to squat. For most people squatting is not a problem but there are those who find squatting difficult for many reasons.   Let’s check in on your squatting technique because squatting is a really great exercise that is very functional – meaning it is something you do a lot of everyday and probably don’t even realise it.   Here are some examples:  sitting down then standing up from your kitchen chair – that’s a squat, same as sitting and standing from the toilet, the lounge, from the bed, getting out of the car etc etc.  So if you’re having trouble doing any of those things then with some isolated squatting practice you will improve those functional day to day squats. Afterall you do get what you train for.

Squats will also shape your legs and your butt, improve your core strength and back strength and make you stronger throughout your lower body.

Firstly as a simple exercise start with your feet about hip width apart.

  • Breath in then as you exhale stick your butt out
  • Bend your knees
  • Then bend them further to lower your butt down.
  • Stopping before your butt gets to knee height.
  • Keep your back straight (don’t become a hunch back).
  • Keep your head up and eyes forward.
  • Chest out and shoulders back.
  • Weight equal on both feet but lean slightly backward.
  • Drive through outside of heels and sides of feet to stand up! Nice work one done.
  • Can you do 10? If so try 3 sets of 10 with 1minute recovery by walking or jogging on the spot.

Here are some different ways to do a squat; each increases the intensity.

  1. Use a chair – sit down stand up
  2. Add hand weights or a barbell
  3. Add a jump to make it a jump squat
  4. Jump up onto a stair or block then step back down

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