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Seated Doesn’t Mean Exercise Depleted

August 17, 2014

Article written by Glen Barnett of Coffs Coast Health Club seate

If your mobility is restricted, it doesn’t mean you can’t undertake an exercise regime of some description.  Don’t be limited by what you think you can’t do.  Instead embrace the possibilities of what you can do.   This week let’s take a look at seated exercises and how they can benefit those of you who are restricted to what you can do on your feet.  Check of course with your medical practitioner before starting and always get guidance from a qualified and registered fitness professional on your exercise programs content.

A chair bound exercise routine, like any other, does need some creativity and variety.  For starters make sure you are in an environment where you feel comfortable both physically and mentally. For example, if you are in a community environment does it promote your self confidence, is the area well ventilated and well lit?  Do you have access to water? If you are in a class situation can you hear and see the instructor.  If you are exercising by yourself do you know what you are doing? Would you like some motivating music playing in the background?

Look at covering the key components to any exercise program.  Cardiovascular activity to increase your heart rate. Strength exercises to (including some for the lower body) to obviously keep you strong.  Flexibility and stretching to keep you limber and maintain good range of movement through joints that may become stiffer from being seated.
Some health clubs have arm bicycles that will help you increase your heart rate while working the upper body.  You can also get small portable arm bikes that sit on a table in front of you.  These can also be used for the lower body to keep the circulation flowing through your lower limbs.  Swivel chairs also help with cardiovascular exercise.

Therabands and light hand weights will provide you with your strength training.  There are many exercises that can be done with these types of equipment to improve your strength while you are seated.

Flexibility and stretching is really relaxing while being seated.  You can use the chair as a lever to help you lengthen and rotate your body to get the most out of your flexibility program while focusing on gentle and relaxed breathing.
Next week we will include a seated exercise program.

At Coffs Coast Health Club we run a great seated exercise class on Fridays at 8am utilizing some of the equipment I’ve mentioned.  Don’t be limited by your limitations.  If you would like to try the class for FREE call Glen at the club on 66586222 or his mobile 0411037097.  I would love to help you. 

Healthy Inspirations Recipe of the Week – Raspberry & Pistachio Semifreddo

March 19, 2014


Seniors Week March 17th – 24th @ Coffs Coast Health Club

March 11, 2014

Coffs Coast Health Club Seniors & BoomersWhats On During Seniors Week at Coffs Coast Health Club

This is our 5th year being involved in NSW Seniors Week celebrations.
Coffs Coast Health Club has over 200 senior/baby boomers members who actively use the health club.  During Seniors Week 2014 we will be offering:

FREE access to all new Seniors from 17th-24th March to try a class or other activities provided:

  • a mini seated massage,    a health check,   a morning tea, a seminar,   a discounted Seniors First and/or CPR aid course,   membership discounts

FREE entry into our Seniors Week Raffle to win 3 months membership and a 60 minute massage. One ticket per person can be collected during week from Reception.  Raffle will be drawn at the Seminar – be there to win!


Timetable of Activities (enquire at reception for massage and health check times):

  • Mon 8.00am Baby Boomers Fit Strong Class
  • Tue 8.00am   Baby Boomers Circuit Class
  • Wed 8.00am Baby Boomers Fit Strong Class
  • Wed 9.30am Seniors Morning Tea
    Venue: JJs Lagoon Cafe, Sawtell Nursery, Hogbin Drive Pls book at reception
  • Thu 8.00am   Baby Boomers Circuit Class
  • Thu 9.30am    Actively Ageing Seminar with very actively ageing Baby Boomer Jacqui Jarratt
    Venue:  next door to Coffs Coast Health Club at the Sports Club
  • Fri 8.00am     Baby Boomers Core Flex Class
  • Fri 12noon     Discounted Senior First Aid and/or CPR course
    Venue:  Coffs Coast Health Club Group Exercise Room ( Pls book and pay at reception)

Call Jacqui on 66586222 for more information!
Invite your neighbours, acquaintances and friends to

Live Life! at Coffs Coast Health Club