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Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Benefits of Tai Chi

December 16, 2014

Tai Chi is a low impact, relaxing form of exercise that has been described as the ‘longevity exercise’ for its health benefits. It blends mental, spiritual and physical aspects into 19 movements and one pose.
Tai Chi devotees can be seen in the park, at the beach and in many fitness environments and health care facilities.    Tai Chi is traditionally done standing but can be adjusted for those who need to remain seated. It requires no equipment, nor a special environment. If you can’t get to a class there are many good Tai Chi videos on You Tube to teach you, so you can do Tai Chi in your own home.
Some of its health benefits include:

Relieves mental and physical stress
Promotes deeper breathing
Improves lower body strength and stamina
Reduces arthritis pain
Reduces blood pressure
Requires mind and body integration through mental imagery
Helps release endorphins (our happy hormones) rather than depleting them
Improves concentration and alertness
Improves balance and lower body stability

The structure of Tai Chi helps you stay focused and it becomes a therapeutic series of flowing movements that create peace and harmony throughout your body and mind.   It follows the 70% rule which means you only do 70% of what you can do. This rule of moderation is especially important for some older adults whose bodies aren’t able to recover as quickly from strains or overuse injuries.
If you are recovering from injury and thinking of taking up a form of exercise, Tai Chi may be a good stepping stone for you. By following the 70% rule you will give your body a chance to heal and to regain mobility. From there don’t let your Tai Chi sessions slip away, instead let it become the curative compliment to your more strenuous daily or weekly activities.
Balance can become an issue as we age which can result in a lack of physical confidence.  Tai Chi in conjunction with other forms of strength and weight shifting exercises, will help your balance, coordination and confidence.  Focusing on energy flow to and from your legs will improve your strength and mobility.  This combined with the rhythmic gentle breathing Tai Chi promotes makes it a very restorative form of exercise much needed in today’s rushed and frantic world.   We often assume if we are not huffing and puffing we are not doing much for our bodies. Regular Tai Chi will do a whole lot more for you than you may realise.  As Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”.
If you’d like to gain more out of your life then call Glen or Jacqui at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222 for a free session.

To Detox or Not … that is the Question?

December 14, 2014

spring_detox-2Detoxing is a scam.
“You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth.”
This article first appeared in the Guardian, December 5th 2014.

There’s no such thing as ‘detoxing’. In medical terms, it’s a nonsense. Diet and exercise is the only way to get healthy. But which of the latest fad regimes can really make a difference?

Whether it’s cucumbers splashing into water or models sitting smugly next to a pile of vegetables, it’s tough not to be sucked in by the detox industry. The idea that you can wash away your calorific sins is the perfect antidote to our fast-food lifestyles and alcohol-lubricated social lives. But before you dust off that juicer or take the first tentative steps towards a colonic irrigation clinic, there’s something you should know: detoxing – the idea that you can flush your system of impurities and leave your organs squeaky clean and raring to go – is a scam. It’s a pseudo-medical concept designed to sell you things.

“Let’s be clear,” says Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University, “there are two types of detox: one is respectable and the other isn’t.” The respectable one, he says, is the medical treatment of people with life-threatening drug addictions. “The other is the word being hijacked by entrepreneurs, quacks and charlatans to sell a bogus treatment that allegedly detoxifies your body of toxins you’re supposed to have accumulated.”

If toxins did build up in a way your body couldn’t excrete, he says, you’d likely be dead or in need of serious medical intervention. “The healthy body has kidneys, a liver, skin, even lungs that are detoxifying as we speak,” he says. “There is no known way – certainly not through detox treatments – to make something that works perfectly well in a healthy body work better.”

Much of the sales patter revolves around “toxins”: poisonous substances that you ingest or inhale. But it’s not clear exactly what these toxins are. If they were named they could be measured before and after treatment to test effectiveness. Yet, much like floaters in your eye, try to focus on these toxins and they scamper from view. In 2009, a network of scientists assembled by the UK charity Sense about Science contacted the manufacturers of 15 products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets that claimed to detoxify. The products ranged from dietary supplements to smoothies and shampoos. When the scientists asked for evidence behind the claims, not one of the manufacturers could define what they meant by detoxification, let alone name the toxins.

Yet, inexplicably, the shelves of health food stores are still packed with products bearing the word “detox” – it’s the marketing equivalent of drawing go-faster stripes on your car. You can buy detoxifying tablets, tinctures, tea bags, face masks, bath salts, hair brushes, shampoos, body gels and even hair straighteners. Yoga, luxury retreats, and massages will also all erroneously promise to detoxify. You can go on a seven-day detox diet and you’ll probably lose weight, but that’s nothing to do with toxins, it’s because you would have starved yourself for a week.

Then there’s colonic irrigation. Its proponents will tell you that mischievous plaques of impacted poo can lurk in your colon for months or years and pump disease-causing toxins back into your system. Pay them a small fee, though, and they’ll insert a hose up your bottom and wash them all away. Unfortunately for them – and possibly fortunately for you – no doctor has ever seen one of these mythical plaques, and many warn against having the procedure done, saying that it can perforate your bowel.

Other tactics are more insidious. Some colon-cleansing tablets contain a polymerising agent that turns your faeces into something like a plastic, so that when a massive rubbery poo snake slithers into your toilet you can stare back at it and feel vindicated in your purchase. Detoxing foot pads turn brown overnight with what manufacturers claim is toxic sludge drawn from your body. This sludge is nothing of the sort – a substance in the pads turns brown when it mixes with water from your sweat.

“It’s a scandal,” fumes Ernst. “It’s criminal exploitation of the gullible man on the street and it sort of keys into something that we all would love to have – a simple remedy that frees us of our sins, so to speak. It’s nice to think that it could exist but unfortunately it doesn’t.”

That the concept of detoxification is so nebulous might be why it has evaded public suspicion. When most of us utter the word detox, it’s usually when we’re bleary eyed and stumbling out of the wrong end of a heavy weekend. In this case, surely, a detox from alcohol is a good thing? “It’s definitely good to have non-alcohol days as part of your lifestyle,” says Catherine Collins, an NHS dietitian at St George’s Hospital. “It’ll probably give you a chance to reassess your drinking habits if you’re drinking too much. But the idea that your liver somehow needs to be ‘cleansed’ is ridiculous.”

The liver breaks down alcohol in a two-step process. Enzymes in the liver first convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, a very toxic substance that damages liver cells. It is then almost immediately converted into carbon dioxide and water which the body gets rid of. Drinking too much can overwhelm these enzymes and the acetaldehyde buildup will lead to liver damage. Moderate and occasional drinking, though, might have a protective effect. Population studies, says Collins, have shown that teetotallers and those who drink alcohol excessively have a shorter life expectancy than people who drink moderately and in small amounts.

“We know that a little bit of alcohol seems to be helpful,” she says. “Maybe because its sedative effect relaxes you slightly or because it keeps the liver primed with these detoxifying enzymes to help deal with other toxins you’ve consumed. That’s why the government guidelines don’t say, ‘Don’t drink’; they say, ‘OK drink, but only modestly.’ It’s like a little of what doesn’t kill you cures you.”

This adage also applies in an unexpected place – to broccoli, the luvvie of the high-street “superfood” detox salad. Broccoli does help the liver out but, unlike the broad-shouldered, cape-wearing image that its superfood moniker suggests, it is no hero. Broccoli, as with all brassicas – sprouts, mustard plants, cabbages – contains cyanide. Eating it provides a tiny bit of poison that, like alcohol, primes the enzymes in your liver to deal better with any other poisons.

Collins guffaws at the notion of superfoods. “Most people think that you should restrict or pay particular attention to certain food groups, but this is totally not the case,” she says. “The ultimate lifestyle ‘detox’ is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet.”

Close your eyes, if you will, and imagine a Mediterranean diet. A red chequered table cloth adorned with meats, fish, olive oil, cheeses, salads, wholegrain cereals, nuts and fruits. All these foods give the protein, amino acids, unsaturated fats, fibre, starches, vitamins and minerals to keep the body – and your immune system, the biggest protector from ill-health – functioning perfectly.

So why, then, with such a feast available on doctor’s orders, do we feel the need to punish ourselves to be healthy? Are we hard-wired to want to detox, given that many of the oldest religions practise fasting and purification? Has the scientific awakening shunted bad spirits to the periphery and replaced them with environmental toxins that we think we have to purge ourselves of?

Susan Marchant-Haycox, a London psychologist, doesn’t think so. “Trying to tie detoxing in with ancient religious practices is clutching at straws,” she says. “You need to look at our social makeup over the very recent past. In the 70s, you had all these gyms popping up, and from there we’ve had the proliferation of the beauty and diet industry with people becoming more aware of certain food groups and so on.

“The detox industry is just a follow-on from that. There’s a lot of money in it and there are lots of people out there in marketing making a lot of money.”

Peter Ayton, a professor of psychology at City University London, agrees. He says that we’re susceptible to such gimmicks because we live in a world with so much information we’re happy to defer responsibility to others who might understand things better. “To understand even shampoo you need to have PhD in biochemistry,” he says, “but a lot of people don’t have that. If it seems reasonable and plausible and invokes a familiar concept, like detoxing, then we’re happy to go with it.”

Many of our consumer decisions, he adds, are made in ignorance and supposition, which is rarely challenged or informed. “People assume that the world is carefully regulated and that there are benign institutions guarding them from making any kind of errors. A lot of marketing drip-feeds that idea, surreptitiously. So if people see somebody with apparently the right credentials, they think they’re listening to a respectable medic and trust their advice.”

Ernst is less forgiving: “Ask trading standards what they’re doing about it. Anyone who says, ‘I have a detox treatment’ is profiting from a false claim and is by definition a crook. And it shouldn’t be left to scientists and charities to go after crooks.”

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Healthy Inspirations Recipe of the Week – Avocado Burgers

December 11, 2014


Why Group Exercise Works

December 9, 2014


Humans are by nature social creatures, which is why most people take to group exercises like duck to water. Exercising in a group has been around for generations. Some people generally find it difficult to exercise or train by themselves as they feel much happier and are more comfortable in a group environment where everyone has like-minded goals. The energy and team effort to push and encourage each other is also a motivational factor, and the idea of everyone starting a group exercise session and then finishing it together brings with it an overwhelming sense of achievement.

Benefits of group exercise

Social interaction, connection and engagement through group exercise acts as a great character building exercise as the benchmarks are usually set by people who are fitter or stronger than you. This forces one to push beyond one’s accepted limits and abilities.

Exercising with like-minded individuals can lead to life changing relationships. Additionally working in a group ensures members provide support to each other and are also accountable to each other. It also lends structure and a sense of play to exercise. The biggest benefit is that of being able to tune out the day-to-day stresses relating to work or otherwise and just unwinding in a healthful manner in the company of friends.

FAQs regarding group exercise

No individual attention.

One of the biggest worries people have with group exercise is that they will not get the required attention of the instructor as it is divided between so many people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instructors in today’s group exercise world are trained to coach classes comprising a large number of people. Training a group is almost like an art form, as one has to cater to the physical abilities of a range of people – those who are beginners and those who have been exercising for a few years.

In all my years as a group exercise instructor, I have never experienced a divide between the instructor and a member from lack of communication or connection. We have always maintained safety and had fun while exercising.

Technique versus numbers?

Will technique get sacrificed in the pursuit of attracting more students? Again, ‘No!’ Group exercises usually start with a 15-minutes or express induction classes that focus purely on technique. This is one way to keep group classes safe and user-friendly.

Additionally, instructors of these group classes are themselves trained by world-class assessors to perfect their own technique. A technique test that meets global standard has to be passed before an instructor can teach group classes. This is why it is important to train individually or as a part of a group with qualified fitness experts.

How big can a class get?

Funnily enough, there is NO number big enough not to have group exercise classes. Qualified trainers have trained up to 7,000 people at a time – the Guinness Book of Records I think stands at 9’000 plus.

But when not chasing Guinness records, most fitness clubs can hold up to 60 to 80 people in a class. The biggest class I have personally taught had 3,000 people and it was a fun and stimulating experience.

Support or rivalry?

It’s a great idea for friends to be exercising together but a healthy rivalry is always going to occur no matter what. For example, two friends who have decided to enter a group training session will have personal fitness standards but will try to do better than each other. However, they will also share a camaraderie that ensures that they support and help each other improve their own performance.

Can I vary my workout in a group? Workout

Yes. Try different group exercises that cater to different tastes and varying fitness goals. Make it a point to try out the group exercise classes for aerobics, kickboxing, cycling, running and even boot camps. This ensures boredom is kept at bay and your body is on its toes, thus resulting in better fitness results

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Healthy Inspirations Recipe of the Week – Super Salad

December 4, 2014


Coffs Coast Health Club eNews – December 2014

December 2, 2014

Coffs Coast Health Club Logo“Empowering the Coffs Coast to be the happiest & healthiest community in Australia”
#strongertogether   #fitnessnfun   #coffscoasthealthclub

Join Now & Pay Nothing til 2015!


If you or anyone you know joins Coffs Coast Health Club before the end of December they will PAY NOTHING UNTIL 2015! That means no joining fee & also no membership payments until 1st January SAVING OVER $200! 
We know it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise during party season but it’s a hell of a lot easier if you’re doing it with someone. Training buddies can help keep you accountable, motivate you, keep you on track & provide a social relief when working out. If there is ever a time to keep up your training, burn those excess party calories or start on a new workout regime its NOW! 
The offer is only valid to the first 50 people that join on any 12 month pay as you go membership, so move fast…
Call 6658 6222, email or just drop in & join up. The sooner you start, the more you save!


Coffs Coast Kids Club Christmas Party!


The Coffs Coast Kids Club Christmas Party is on again this year! Book your children in to join their friends and our fabulous child minders for the morning while you enjoy our SUPER SATURDAY of new release LES MILLS classes.
When:   Saturday 13th December
Time:    7.15am until 10.45am
Where:  Kids Club
Cost:    $5 per child
The party includes;
• Access to Spring Loaded from 7:15am – 8:00am
• Healthy fruit snacks
• Presents 
• Arts and crafts 
• A Visit from our SMURF!
Bookings and payment are essential at reception before the 11th December. Call 6658 6222, email or just pop your kids details on the list when you are next in the club.

Baby Boomers Christmas Lunch!

DSCF3643 (Small)

An annual highlight on our calendar, is Christmas lunch with our most experienced members. Like a fine wine, they just keep getting better year after year. Park Beach surf clubs view should match their outlook on life & be a beautiful experience. The more the merrier! See you there…
When:     Thursday 11th December
Time:      11.45am
Where:    Park Beach Surf Club
Cost:       $25
Bookings and payment are essential at reception before the 9th December. Call 6658 6222, email or just pop your details on the list when you are next in the club.
We have also arranged a Secret Santa so please bring a small wrapped $5 gift for our Santa Bag.
Further inquiries to Jacqui on 0421 971 155.


Let’s Make It A Merry Christmas For Everyone!

christmas-charity 2

Parry’s Jewellers and Coffs Coast Health Club are looking for donations for their annual Christmas charity drive. 
Your kind support will help Warina Womens Refuge, Wesley Youth Accommodation Service and Uniting Church Soup Kitchen
We hope each week that our donation boxes will overflow so we need to empty them and start again. It has happened in Week 1 so lets do the same every week in December. Last donation day will be Friday December 19th. Donations can made at Coffs Coast Health Club at reception or Parry’s Jewellers opposite Coffs Central. 
Be a part of a great cause – with your help we can make Christmas a merry time for everyone. 


Its Time To Launch New Classes!


Get your jollys this festive season & come along for some fitness, fun, new moves & new music!
 Be the first to launch & experience the latest releases from Les Mills for PUMP, BALANCE, RPM & ATTACK.
PUMP            Saturday 13th Dec    7.30am
ATTACK        Saturday 13th Dec    8.30am
RPM              Saturday 13th Dec    8.30am
BALANCE      Saturday 13th Dec    9.30am
Come dressed in your best Christmas theme & you may just win a prize…
Bring a buddy for FREE to all class launches but please book early as places are limited. Call 6658 6222, email or book at reception on your next visit.
REMEMBER – Saturday the 13th Dec is also the Kids Club Christmas Party, so why not leave the kids to celebrate in Kids Club and spend the morning experiencing the new releases… that way everyone wins!


All I Want For Christmas Is A Massage With Ange!


Give Someone a Touching Gift This Christmas – especially if they’ve been knotty this year! How about giving your loved ones a relaxing, stress-relieving, knot reducing neck, back or total body massage this Christmas? Give your mum something that she will appreciate more than the same old slippers and forget those old socks you give your dad each year. Buy something that shows you care. Who wouldn’t love a relaxing massage that they can use when they want, given from you with love.
To organise your special Christmas Massage Gift Certificate, please speak to our Christmas Elves at Reception. You can even phone through your order on 6658 6222 and we will have it ready for you to collect!  Its never too late to be nice!


The 12 Week Body Makeover Challenge Winner Is….


Jo Edwards! A huge Congratulations to Jo from all the team at Coffs Coast Health Club who have been watching her transformation from the sidelines.
With the help of her Personal Trainer Kylie and Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Coach Simone; Jo lost a massive 12.6% body fat and 15.2kgs in only 12 weeks. Jo has been described as the perfect Personal Training and Healthy Inspirations client who never wavered from the guidelines that were set for her. This dedication really paid off and Jo is looking and feeling 


absolutely incredible. 
Aside from the obvious rewards she has gained by following the guidelines, Jo also receives a ‘Makeover Pack’ from Miss Minnies Boutique and Skinfit both located on First Avenue Sawtell and also a great new hairstyle from Nat O’Rourke hairdressing.
There were some really impressive results during the 12 Week Challenge. Runners up were Karen Aranyi and Karen Stewart both who also had tremendous results with both their body fat percentage and overall weight loss. They will be able to ponder their success while enjoying a 60 minute massage each from us.
If you missed this Challenge, the next Healthy Inspirations Challenge starts 1st February 2015 no BUTTS about it!  Look out for details in the January Enews or talk to a Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Coach today.


Silly Season Sale!


you about to over indulge with Christmas cheer during the party season? After work drinks and over eating food comas? Well, your trusty Coffs Coast Health Club team are here to help you! 
During the entire month of December all of our Supplements and Merchandise are 20% off RRP!
Here are our our most popular products
Nano Greens          was $69.99         Now $56
Nano Protein           was $69.99        Now $56
Nano Lean              was $59.99        Now $48
Nano Fish Oil          was $59.99        Now $48
Complete Core4      was $224.96       Now $190.47

Ask our friendly team at reception for further discounts on all of our other products.

Thank You For Such An Amazing Christmas Party!

Perfect location, quality food & amazing people… Our 5th Annual Members Christmas Party was a big hit! Congratulations to Lee Kennedy aka Team Member of the Year & Jo Edwards aka Club Member of the Year! Also a special mention to Brad Lanser for the most days at the club this year with 291 since January 1. Thank you to everyone that supported the event & check out our facebook page here for many more photos…


Book Of The Month!

book 2‘The Most Interesting Person I Know’ book features 25 local stories which celebrate the skill, tenacity, courage and bloody good yarns of the Coffs Coast community. All profits from the sale of this book go to CanDo Cancer trust which provides assistance to local cancer sufferers and their families. It’s local, colourful and interesting! It’s perfect for the person who has everything and it’s helping a wonderful cause as all profits go to the CanDo Cancer Trust, which supports local cancer sufferers and their families. Make this your annual gift to staff or clients or buy one for yourself so you can enjoy some easy summer reading. Available now for only $25 at reception.


Farewell, Welcome & Welcome Again!


Well the time has almost come to say goodbye to our favourite stretch Neil. First a member, then a student through the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (who smashed the course & became a qualified Personal Trainer), then our Community Manager and as of 10th December he will return to being a member. Its been a great experience for us all to have such a caring individual working with our team & now he will be focusing those caring attributes squarely on his little girl Indi. Thanks again for all your hard work Neil & we look forward to seeing you around the club as a member again mate.

The departure of Neil means that we welcome our new Community Manager Alan to the team. Alan has just been in NZ with his gorgeous girlfriend for a few weeks having some well earned R&R before he started with us. Some of you may know Alan as the Duty Manager out at the cinemas and his focus on getting the local community moving along with his very own story of weight loss, will be great attributes in his new role. Alan was at the Christmas Party on Friday night but if you didn’t get to talk to him there, say hi in the club on your next visit.

We also welcome Linda to the team on a permanent basis at reception. Linda already educates all new students through our Personal Training course but has recently moved in to the club to take on a business traineeship too. She is a very experienced personal trainer herself, so if you ever need any help or advice, just ask. She is also available at reception to answer your questions about becoming a qualified personal trainer for yourself, your friends or your children. Linda has a heart of gold and has taken over from Josh who finished his traineeship and moved to Newcastle last month. 2015 is going to be a big year!


Holiday Period Opening Hours!


The team at Coffs Coast Health Club wish you & your family a safe, relaxing & fun filled holiday period. We have decided to maintain our holiday period opening hours the same as last year for those of you still around. There will be no classes or childminding from Christmas Eve 24th until New Years Day 1st but everything will be as normal before & after this period.
OPEN    Xmas Eve Wed 24th 5.30am – 10.30am 
Closed    Xmas Day Thu 25th, Boxing Day Fri 26th
OPEN    Sat 27th 7.00am – 12.00pm
OPEN    Sun 28th 3.00pm – 6.00pm
OPEN    Mon 29th 5.30am – 10.30am & 4.30pm – 7.30pm
OPEN    Tue 30th 5.30am – 10.30am & 4.30pm – 7.30pm
OPEN    New Year’s Eve Wed 31st 5.30am – 10.30am
Closed    New Year’s Day Thu 1st
Don’t forget that all 24/7 members will be able to access the club at anytime to workout when they want. You can upgrade to a 24/7 membership at reception today for only $2 per week.



Click here for more information on membership, personal training, weight loss, massage therapy, rehabilitation, group exercise, childminding, privileges card & fitness careers or call us on 6658 6222 for more help.

Invite your friends for a FREE TRIAL & grab yourself a new training buddy!



Your CCHC Team