Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Ageing Milestones

There are a few special birthdays coming up in my world soon and it got me to thinking about age related milestones that we tick off as we age.  Children are ‘ticked off’ as they age with developmental milestones which seem to stop and then reappear as health checks to tick off as we hit older age.

Here is some health checks you may already be aware of.

  • Age 50 we should be having a check for colorectal cancer (now the fun begins)
  • Age 50 women should be having mammograms every 2 years
  • Age 50 men should be being tested for prostate cancer
  • Age 55 we should be, being tested for lung cancer
  • Age 60, woman should be having a test for osteoporosis and the list goes on.

As depressing as these tests sound they are important and have helped many people become aware of health issues or the potential of developing health issues.

Here are some fitness and lifestyle checks to tick off at any birthday to keep you, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy so you can check in, and tick off next birthday as well.

Prefer your own company?  Research has shown they that spending time with others and making new friends has been shown to improve your mental health and wellbeing – of course it helps if you like the people you spending time with.

When you retire you may not want a daily routine but apparently this too is also good for our health.

Learning new activities, taking up new interests and doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return will assist your mental wellbeing.

Obviously being active and exercising at least 30 minutes most days will definitely help us move (literally) positively towards each and many birthdays to come.  Set yourself some age health and fitness goals so that this birthday and beyond you can tick off what I like to call ‘smilestones’.  Here’s some examples

  • Age 50 you can walk at least 2kms comfortably
  • Age 55 you can still ride a bike – preferable a push bike
  • Age 60 you can do 10 abdominal crunches
  • Age 65 you can walk up a decent hill having a good chat, singing a song or whistling
  • Age 70 you can stand on one leg for 2 minutes unaided
  • Age 75 you can touch your toes
  • Age 80 you can put some music on and dance for 10minutes with a smile on your face
  • Age 85 you can draw a deep breath into your lungs and hold it for 30 seconds

Where are you at with your birthday ‘smilestones’?
Give Glen a call on 66586222 for more information.


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