“Gym Gumbie to Gym Junkie”

This poem was written by one of our lovely members from Coffs Coast Health Club.  It sums up her experience of the club.
Enjoy the read it is very entertaining!

“Gym Gumbie to Gym Junkie”

The day I joined the gym

I was a real mess

Would I enjoy it?

How much weight could I bench press?

A total newbie in the gym

outside sport was where I’d been

my friends said to give it a go

that I’d learn about the ‘triple row’.

A punch class with Glen was first – I was so so raw

I only managed half a class

as I’d passed out on the floor.

Pump with Nic, how hard could it be?

dead lift, power press and triple row

made no sense,

but I gave it a go.

Loved the music and the vibe

pump class is the best

but I’m still trying to work out

how to lift more on my chest.

Biceps and triceps – two things I fear the most

I’m sure after both these tracks

I’m the colour of a ghost.

And…what’s that Nic?

You want us on the floor?

And….is that what I think you said?

You only want 8 MORE?

Circuit with Tegan is loads of fun

We like to laugh and joke

It’s hard work, but before you know it,

that hour is nearly done.

TRX, boxing and fit ball will all make me sore

But I know just how good it is for my inner core.

The balance class is great – I have no fear

Eagle, crane and swan poses;

those birds are everywhere.

Yoga poses can be tough

but you find another gear

down dog and cobra and what did you say…

you want that leg UP WHERE?

It’s bend and stretch and twist and turn

And can you hold your weight?

One thing’s for sure don’t change a thing;

You balance girls are great.

Thanks to all for what you do

To make the gym the place to go

I feel so great everyday

It’s blue and white all the way!

Written by:  Kirsten Howton,

Coffs Coast Health Club Member.


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