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Glen Barnett Discusses the Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

October 4, 2016

Ok I’ve been asked again to write my top 10 ways to stay healthy this summer.  Let’s have a look at them &  make sure yours is the healthiest ever.

  1. Activity guidelines for Australians recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days. So as well as doing some structured exercise get outside and go for a swim, surf, bush walk, bike ride or even a kayak.
  2. Remember the Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap Campaign. Slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on some sunnies.
  3. Stay as cool as a cucumber. Eating cucumber after you workout will help bring your body temperature back to normal.
  4. After your workout try room temperature water rather than drinking a cold drink which will interfere with your body’s natural cooling mechanism (sweat).
  5. Match your workout to the temperature and the time of day you’re going to be active. For instance don’t go for your power walk in the middle of a hot day get up earlier and hit the pavement then. Try swimming later in the day so you’re left refreshed and relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.
  6. Can’t sleep on these warm nights? Prepare yourself and your boudoir for the night. Use a fan, remove some of your bedding, sprinkle some lavender on your pillow to promote relaxation, enjoy a cool shower just before you hop into bed and enjoy the cool fan on your body as you drift off.
  7. When you wake in the morning enjoy a large glass of room temperature water mixed with some lemon juice and then throughout your day make sure hydration is at the top of your list. If you feel hungry check you’re not thirsty. A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger and during summer you don’t need those extra calories but you do need that extra hydration.
  8. Remember winter immunity starts in summer so enjoy raw salads or steamed veges to get the best nutrients. Include foods that are H2O rich like cucumber, carrots, steamed zucchini and melons to fill you up and keep your kjs down.
  9. Don’t like daylight saving? Try to get at least 15minutes of direct sunlight each day because before you know it the days will be shorter and our Vitamin D levels will be diminishing.
  10. Last but not least – smile. If you can’t smile fake it. Laughing and smiling release feel good healthy hormones which will definitely serve you well every day of summer and into those autumn days to come.

Give Glen or Jacqui a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222 or organise.


July 5, 2016

Written by Glen Barnett, Personal Trainer & Coffs Coast Health Club Owner.

I read a great quote today.  A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blossoms.  It got me thinking that a lot of people get turned off by exercising because they feel it can be competitive and that’s something they don’t want to buy into.   Surprisingly, the reality is quite the opposite.  At our health club for instance, most people don’t even pay attention to what the person next to them is doing let alone think of competing with or comparing themselves to them. One thing you may not realise is if you do see people doing things that you actually couldn’t do, then there are always ways to modify them.  Here are some examples:

  • Running on the treadmill becomes walking on the treadmill at a pace that is suitable for you or using the incline button to create more exertion without the impact of running.
  • Upright stationery bike riding becomes recumbent stationery bike riding which can be easier on the knees. Riding can also be on a seated or standing stationery arm cycling where you are cycling on specially designed bikes only using your arms.
  • Doing pushups on the floor becomes pushups against the wall.
  • Doing situp exercises, becomes engaging your core in standing, sitting and movement positions.
  • Cumbersome and confusing weights become simple and effective strength machines
  • Uncomfortable movements and coordination can become guided tuition to meet your needs by an expert in body movement and personal training.

So there is always something you can do. Always a way something can be modified whether you are able bodied or disabled, experienced or inexperienced,  prehabilitating or rehabilitating or just know what you do or don’t want to do.

Call Glen or Jacqui at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222 or email Glen on and we will happily help you grow, thrive and blossom as an individual.


Glen Barnett discusses the Upright Row

June 7, 2016

barbell_upright_rowThis week I want to talk to you about a really great upper body exercise traditionally called an upright row.  The upright row is an exercise that will help you develop and strengthen the shoulder and also the trapezius muscles in the upper back.  You also get help from your biceps when doing this exercise.

You can perform the upright row holding on to a bar, dumbells, kettlebells, using a cable machine  or even holding onto a theraband or resistance tubing.

  • Hold the resistance tubing at each end with both hands and let it run under one foot (see picture).
  • Now lift your elbows up high and bring your hands to approximately your chest height (I have also heard an instructor say to her participants in her all older female class “to the height of your nipples or where they use to be”!)
  • Then, control the release and return to your start position.
  • That’s one repetition.


Keep the movement slow and controlled no matter what resistance you are using. The wider the grip the more you will target your shoulder muscles while the narrower the grip the more you will target your trapezius muscles.  Keep your chest open, belly strong and remember to breathe.


Now like any exercise there are people who will find this exercise doesn’t suit them.  Remember you should never feel any joint pain during any exercise or activity.  If you have rounded shoulders or shoulder problems then the upright row is probably an exercise you should avoid. Instead you could look at a seated row or specific rotator cuff exercises to strengthen and stabilize your shoulder joints.  Next week make sure you grab your Saturday Advocate and I will go through the benefits of the rotator cuff.


If you’d like to take advantage of a really great personal training offer we have at Coffs Coast Health Club at the moment which is 3 30minute Personal Training sessions for $99 , then give Glen or Jacqui a call on 66586222.  Call before the end of June to book.

Glen Barnett discusses the Rotator Cuff

May 31, 2016

You may have heard of an injury that many people refer to as “rotor cup”,   “rotatory cup”, or “rotor cuff”. They are referring to a set of four muscles which make up what’s called the Rotator Cuff.  These muscles are the infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor.  Big names for very important but often neglected muscles.

They work together to give your shoulder stability during movement whether you are an athlete or just an everyday person.  Because our lives have become more  sedentary where we are sitting more at our desks or computers, our posture has suffered.  As a result muscle groups like our Rotator Cuff muscles have become weak and ineffective.

This muscle group can also become stressed by over-exercising, poor technique, accidents or not controlling movement effectively.

So what do you do to help it?  Firstly be aware your mum was right, when she said stand up straight, shoulders back, tummy in.  If you’re round shouldered and tight through your chest you need to stretch it, to open it out again.  Then this is a good starting strength exercise using a theraband or some tubing.  If you have an injury be guided by your physiotherapist on the level of resistance with your tubing.  These muscles can get fatigued quite quickly when they are not conditioned.


Tie the theraband or tubing around a pole or shut it in a door.  Stand with your left side facing the door and the tubing in your right hand. Step away from the door to create some tension in the tubing. Standing with good posture gently squeeze your shoulderblades partially together.


Now imagine that you are a door frame, bend your elbow at 90degrees against your side waist area. Your elbow is now a hinge so kept it glued to you, the door frame.  Your forearm is now the door so the action is like you are opening the door (as you pull the tubing away from the pole) then closing the door as you gently release the tubing towards the pole), keeping your elbow hinged against your side waist.  Try doing up to 10 repetitions then turn around to change arms x 3, 3 x a week.


If you’d like more guidance on this exercise or to try a free class,call Glen Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina on 66586222.



Glen Barnett discusses the Hamstring Muscles

May 24, 2016

Forget the Brazilian Butt Lift to keep the back of your legs and your butt toned – try this effective hamstring exercise to keep gravity at bay.   Your hamstring muscles are the ones at the back of the upper leg.  They play a really important role in your core stability and knee stability.  So how do you get them stronger and more toned?   Firstly, if you have any knee or lower back problems check in with your physio or personal trainer before doing this exercise.

Level 1

Lay on the ground, with your feet about hip width apart. Now step your feet further away from your body so your legs are almost straight.  Pull your toes back so your heels are digging into the ground.  Lift your pelvic floor, draw your belly in and tighten your butt as you lift your hips off the ground then return them part way down.  That’s one repetition.

Increase your pace as you do 8 more then control your movement as you slowly lift one leg and foot upward at a time as if you were slowly walking.  Do about 6 then go back to the quick butt lifts.  Try doing the quick butt lifts alternating with the slow walking for about 1 minute. Have a break for 30 seconds and try another 1 minute set. Repeat.

Level 2

Now to make it harder, place your feet on a stable chair (one that doesn’t slide away from you) and do the same format or even harder…

Level 3

Place your legs on a fit ball.  The fit ball of course is very unstable so the idea is to keep it a still as possible as you do the exercise.  Feel your hamstrings sing!

Call Glen or Jacqui on 66586222 for more information.




Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Falls Prevention

March 15, 2016

To fall or not to fall?    It’s not really a hard question to answer. I know I want to stay upright for as many years as I can. As you age you may have heard “ I’ve finally got my head together and now my body is falling apart”.    It doesn’t have to be that way but it is important to be aware that statistics show the risk of falling escalates around 65 years of age.   Falls prevention should start as young as 40+.

Deteriorated/deteriorating health – weight gain, blood pressure issues etc
Flexibility, mobility and strength loss associated with inactive ageing.
Lack of exercise leading to impaired balance – weakened core and stabilising muscles.
Gait changes eg shuffling walk and not lifting your feet.
Impaired visual acuity – bifocals, dim lighting, bright sunshine.
Inappropriate footwear – thongs, slippers and loosely laced shoes
People traffic – busy shopping centres
Unfamiliar environment – creates caution and confusion
Uneven, loose or slippery floors – at home, foot paths, wet areas
How to prevent falls
Increasing muscle strength, flexibility and bone density and
Improving balance and gait.

The first step, starting today,  is to increase the strength and endurance in your legs because if they give way the only way you will be going is down.  Try the following movement opportunities:
Walking – anywhere
In the house, in the street
Parks the Jetty and Harbour area
With a friend or go solo

Then increase the intensity by:
Finding a gentle hill to walk up
Walking faster
Increase the distance
Picking up a dancing class or two
Attending classes specifically older adults

Next Increase your leg strength.  As I have said in previous articles, you lose 10% of muscle up to 55 then 40% more after that. Try some:
Step ups
Wall push ups
Rows with some cans, hand weights or resistance bands
Seated squats.
Don’t ignore your balance:
Try  hanging on to a table/ wall, standing on one leg, and as your balance improves you will find you can release your death grip.  Prepare your body for falling and you will find you don’t fall as easily as you think you will.

Stay active.  Keep moving.  Get out of the lounge chair.

Oh and by the way make sure you keep getting down on to the ground so you can practise getting up . You don’t want to be in a situation that if you do fall you can’t get up.  To summarize:
if you don’t use it you will lose it; and
falls prevention requires your attention!

Call Glen or Jacqui on 66586222 to organise a free session at Coffs Coast Health Club.

Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Winter Warm-ups

July 14, 2015

It hasn’t been too cold so far this autumn but I’m sure that will change.   When the morning chill comes you may be forgiven for turning the heater up a notich or snuggling under a blanket to ward off the nippy weather.  Here are some suggestions that will not only burn some calories and keep you warm but may even cut down on your heating bill.

No 1 Get out and go for a walk. Its a great way to circulate your blood, increase lung capacity, clear your mind and warm the joints.  Doesn’t have to be a long one, just a simple brisk walk taking in your surroundings.

No 2 Get vacuuming and jive it up with some music in the background to lift your spirits.  Vacuuming, sweeping and even cleaning your home will help clear the winter bugs away as well as warm you deep to your core.  These activities provide vigorous upper and lower body movements which will burn some winter calories.

No 3 Have a warm shower or bath, dress in layers afterwards and then go through a simple head to toe stretching regime.  Start with your feet and legs, progress to your torso chest and back then move on to your shoulders and arms. Finish with gentle neck stretching to relax this area which can get tight during winter and deeply breath to open your lungs and  clear your airways. Rubbing some eucalyptus oil onto your chest will help with this process.

No 4 Don’t stay stuck in your home feeling miserable.  Try a new environment or a new activity – something of course to get you active.  Salsa dancing, ten pin bowling, classes at my health club or even take a plunge in one of our local heated swimming pools.

Remember a body is like a car if you want it to run well on these cooler mornings then you need to warm it up first. You’ll get more mileage and you won’t need a service for ages.

If you have any questions to help you with your Winter warming up, give Glen or Jacqui a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222.

Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Sore Bits

April 21, 2015

Have you got sore bits?  I often get approached by people in the health club who ask me about their ‘bits’ that are sore. This week I want to let you know a couple of reasons for those sore ‘bits’ and what you can do about them.

Firstly, before you commence any exercise program it is always advisable to get a medical clearance from your GP.  If your GP is happy for you to get started then go for it.  If your GP asks you to be cautious then be cautious and get guidance on that from an exercise expert like an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer or Older Populations Instructor.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  This is the soreness you get about 24-48 hours after an activity.  It’s the soreness that sometimes gets you in your legs or butt and you really know about it when you need to sit down on and get off the toilet!  Your muscles will feel sore but this will decrease gradually over a few days.  It is quite common but can be alarming for new exercises and even put them off doing anything again.  DOMS occurs when you have done an activity you haven’t done before, or maybe you worked extra hard.

What should you do when you have DOMS?  In my experience it is important that you  keep moving at a lessor level though. Gentle walking, light stretching and swimming help muscles recover.  A warm bath with some Epsom salts may benefit you, as will a gentle massage.  How do you prevent DOMS?  Warm up before your chosen activity and don’t go too hard too soon.

Blisters.  Blisters are nasty little inconveniences that can really ruin a good walk or run.  They sometimes just appear for no apparent reason but most of the time they occur when a surface of your foot or toes is being rubbed and when your feet are wet, dirty or hot.

Always make sure you wear your shoes in before doing any prolonged activity and of course make sure your shoes and socks fit you properly.  If your socks get wet change them. Cotton socks absorb moisture so may not be the best option for you but wearing two pairs of socks can reduce friction so may be a good solution.

So what shouldn’t be sore when you exercise? Joints.  .  If your joints get sore it may be a technique issue, poor footwear or maybe a joint lubrication problem. Get it checked out so you can continue many years of enjoyable activity. Remember there is always something you can do even if your ‘bits’ are sore.

If you need some guidance give Glen a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222.

Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Why Group Exercise?

November 25, 2014

group_picI bet there have been times where you wanted to participate in an activity, but were worried about doing it alone. Group exercise is a great alternative to going solo. These classes are growing in popularity each and every year. They have the benefit of having varying ages, varieties and fitness levels, even in “seniors” (horrible word for some I know) classes.
What is group exercise?Group exercise is where a group of people get together and participate in activities.

The activities might be:
Walking Groups
Fitness classes
Dancing classes
Aqua classes
Riding Groups

Group exercise should be:
Fun, Motivating and Safe
Fun – if it’s fun you’ll do it – right?  Just because you’re young at heart but slightly older in other parts, doesn’t mean that you need to sit on the bench and watch life pass you by.   Group interaction is something that is often missing from alot of older populations lives.  In group activities you will get words of encouragement, a joke or two being thrown around, a pat on the back, not to mention being with people who share a common interest.
Working out with a group will keep you on your toes, maintain your motivation, and provide a great incentive as is a terrific form of motivation.   You also have the added accountability of a concerned question like, “Where have you been?” or “we’ve missed you”,  when you don’t show up for a couple of sessions.
Safety should always come first with any type of activity, whether it be the shoes you wear, the qualifications of the instructor or the environment you workout in.    Get some advice from qualified caring people in your life – your GP, your local footwear specialist and even your local gym will help you make decisions on what to exercise in and where to do it.
It is interesting at any age to see where you sit amongst the masses, not on a competitive basis but as a guide to see where you are at now, where you’ve been and how you improve. For instance ask yourself,  what is my fitness like? What is my flexibility like? I’m having trouble putting my shoes on and that bloke over there was almost hugging his legs. Why is that 72 year old lady lifting 5kg more than I can? What is my strength like? You may just be surprised as to where you find yourself.
Group activities – get involved – the more the merrier as they say and you definitely won’t regret it.
We have really great classes for older adults every week day at Coffs Coast Health Club.
Give me a call if you’d like to join us. 66586222

Coffs Coast Health Club eNews – September 2014

September 2, 2014

landscape.burst“Empowering the Coffs Coast to be the happiest & healthiest community in Australia”
#strongertogether   #fitnessnfun   #coffscoasthealthclub

Exclusive Worlds Best Health Supplements HAVE ARRIVED!

nanos overview

Our quest to find the healthiest all natural supplements on the planet took us overseas earlier this year and it may have taken us six months to organise it but finally they have arrived. We tasted and researched over 100 different products before we decided who we would align our brand with. We are now pleased to announce that we hold the exclusive license on the Coffs Coast for the Nano range of products from BioPharma Scientific.
Their patented SuperSorb® delivery system allows your body to absorb the maximum amount of the nutritional value for better results, guaranteed. In addition, all of their products are non-GMO, organic, and 100% plant based with absolutely zero synthetic ingredients. They are based on new, scientifically-advanced, physician grade formulas with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the cleanest parts of the world.

Let’s just say their 
products do all the talking for themselves.

BioPharmaSc’s four most popular products are NanoGreens, NanoProtein, NanoEPA Fish Oil and NanoLean. They can now be purchased through reception individually or as a four pack for 5% OFF.
Did you know? Each serve of NanoGreens has the equivalent of 10 serves of organic fruit and vegetables! Have a chat to your trainer about which products are most appropriate for your needs.

member appreciation day

Member Appreciation Day Was Fantastic!

Thank you to everyone that participated last month on Member Appreciation Day. The classes, the events, the offers & the atmosphere around the club was amazing.

We still have a number of Foundation Member gifts for collection at reception,
so if you were a member on 31st October 2009 & are still a member now, please see the reception team to collect your gift.

The feedback was so positive on the day that we will be making it an annual event.
Days like this are a true testament to the quality of our Coffs Coast Health Club community.


Last 2014 Personal Trainer Course STARTING SOON!


The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is proud to introduce their NEW Certificate IV in Fitness – Complete Personal Trainer and Diploma of Business qualifications package.

Fast Track Oct 2014

Start a career as a Personal Trainer and gain the necessary skills to run and manage your own successful fitness business.
The Certificate IV in Fitness – Complete Personal Trainer qualification will allow you to gain hands-on practical experience while being able to complete the theory component online and in your own time.
As part of your qualification package, you will also complete the Diploma of Business building on the units you completed within your Certificate IV in Fitness and will help you to develop your skills across a wide range of business functions including managing your own business through to being a program coordinator or business manager within a larger business.
The Diploma of Business is VET FEE-HELP* approved, so you can study now and pay later – with no time lost!
Contact Tracy Welsh, your local campus manager directly on 0429 695 096 for further information.

Short Term Workout Options for Friends & Family!


Do you have friends or family that are in town during the school holidays? Would you like to save them some money & get them working out with you? Well due to popular demand we are now offering some short term workout options for them…
Single Visit – adult only $15, student or baby boomer only $10, incl access during all supervised hours
Week Pass – adult only $29, student or baby boomer only $19, incl access during all supervised hours
See reception or call 6658 6222 to take advantage of these offers for a limited time.

Kids Club at FIA World Rally Championship!

kids club horizontal

The FIA World Rally Championship is coming to Coffs Harbour and Coffs Coast Kids Club will be in the Kids Zone which is part of the FREE fanzone site at the Coffs International Stadium. 
rally 2 2
Among all of the awesome rally events there will also be Kids Yoga and Kids Zumba taking place, Smurfs to play with and lots of Coffs Coast Health Club balloons being given out.  
Saturday: KIDS ZUMBA at 11.30am, KIDS YOGA at 12.15pm,
KIDS ZUMBA at 1.00pm & KIDS YOGA at 1.45pm.
Sunday: KIDS ZUMBA at 11.30am & KIDS YOGA at 12.30pm.
Come along, say hi & have some fun!

Attack that Summer swimsuit!

CCHC_Group-Exercise-Logo-horizontal_smlCUT 2

Spring is the perfect time to work on your health and fitness as the warmer weather gets you motivated and inspired to get on track before summer. 
attack 2
Why not try a class that is guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier? 
ATTACK is the high energy sports inspired cardio class that builds strength and stamina and it is on our timetable on Wednesdays at 6.30pm, Thursdays at 9.30am, Fridays at 5.30pm and Saturdays at 8.30am. 
There are options to suit everyone so that you can work within your limits and succeed. Give it a try today!
Help Simone Ride To Conquer Cancer!

simone 2Please help our very own Weight Loss Coach, Childminder & Personal Trainer Simone raise funds for her Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 200 km ride over 2 days, with funds benefiting Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Cancer Research at RPA

There will be a delicious 2 course lunch and a silent auction to assist with getting Simone to the start line.
This will be held on Saturday 20th 

615423_679407748774097_114262513888767642_o 2

September from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at Surf Club Restaurant & Bar. The cost is only $35 per head and with some great lucky door prizes and raffle tickets on offer. It will be a fun event!
We are asking everyone to bring something “new” for the silent auction table. You can bring more than one thing if you like, but we’ll have everything set up on the deck for bidding to take place. All items will start at a reserve price of $10.  
If you can’t make it to the lunch, please visit her fund-raising page here & donate any amount as it all helps.


Pilates Is Here!

Personal Training compress

Join in a 12 week Classical Pilates Group Class with a modern twist and reap the rewards.
Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. Give Jacqui 30 minutes of your time once a week and she will
give you the tools to help you build your strength without bulk, make you more aware of your body than you have ever been, improve your posture,
your grace, your flexibility and flatten your stomach in 12 weeks.
$20 a week will be money worth spent to learn valuable mind and body skills that will last you a lifetime.
First class is FREE.

When:     Starts Wed 3rd September

Pilates (1) 2

Time:      10.00am – 10.30am

Where:    Upstairs Circuit & Boxing Studio

Cost:        $20/week

Register:  Reception on 6658 6222 or Jacqui directly on 0421 971 155 or via but be quick as there are only 7 spots available.


12 Week Body Makeover Challenge!

12 week makeover

From just $20 a week, Healthy Inspirations are offering you the opportunity to transform yourself before Summer. Reveal the new summer you by taking part in our Body Makeover Challenge.
Here are the top 5 reasons to join the challenge:
1.  Lose up to 12kgs
2.  Easy No Hunger Reset Program
3.  Get Accountability with One on One or Group Body Makeover Coaching
4.  Summer is only 12 weeks away
5.  The winner receives a Total Makeover to complete the transformation
When:       Starts Monday 1st September
                 Ends Sunday 30th November
Register:   Call or drop in to see Simone 0402 202 864 or Leslie 0423 284 421 in the Healthy Inspirations office
Kids School Holiday Massage Sessions!

Massage Therapy

Book your kids into our School Holiday Massage Sessions, so they can learn the basics of massage while you have your workout. Research shows that children that practice massage become calmer, more concentrated and less 

kids massage

aggressive – what more could you ask for during the holidays?
When:       Monday 22nd September 5.30-6.30pm and/or
                 Thursday 25th September 9.30-10.30am
Cost:         $10 per child plus $5 if accompanied by a parent
Age:          6-12 years
Register:   Call reception on 6658 6222 or drop in to see Angela 0417 675 319 in the Upstairs Massage Room.

Personal Trainer Traineeship NOW AVAILABLE!


Yes its that time already… Our wonderful Director of First Impressions
Emily Hodgens will be leaving our frontline soon to continue her study at University. 
This means that we will be once again giving one lucky person the opportunity to become a Personal Trainer and gain twelve months work experience in
the regions most awarded health club.
We accept applications from anyone of any age with any background, as long as they have a wonderful work ethic and a desire to service our magnificent members. 
If you or anyone you know is interested in this exciting career opportunity,
please forward this email to them, get them to complete the application form here & drop
it in to reception before Sunday 7th September.
SAVE THIS DATE! Friday 28th November – Members & Guest Christmas Party!

imagesClick here for more information on membership, personal training, weight loss, massage therapy, rehabilitation, group exercise, childminding, privileges card & fitness careers or call us on 6658 6222 for more help.

Invite your friends for a FREE TRIAL & grab yourself a new training buddy!



Your CCHC Team