Coffs Coast Health Club eNews – July 2017



Members & Guests Christmas In July Party!

Come & join us for some FUN & FRIVOLITY, good food & fabulous company! We love catching up with all of our members & this year we are combining both Toormina & Moonee Club Communities to DOUBLE THE FUN! We have even arranged a courtesy bus for trips both north and south if you wish to indulge.

When: Saturday 22nd July
Where: Greenhouse Tavern
Time: 12.30pm until 2.30pm
Food: A yummy lunch of hot and cold finger and cocktail food, pizza, healthy wraps and cheese and fruit platters, followed by a famously delicious Wicked Berries cake!
Drinks: from the bar
Tickets: Available from reception at the clubs or call 1300 040 479. Only $15 per adult & $5 per child



Our MEMBERS ONLY special offer for both Moonee & Toormina clubs is back & is proudly sponsored this month by Opal Cove Resort. Opal Cove Resort have kindly donated A PRIZE A WEEK to reward you for encouraging your friends to get healthier & happier; & hopefully become your gym buddy. Each Monday this month, we will be drawing the lucky winner! We have 4 packages comprising of 1 Night’s Accommodation in a beautiful Oceanside Room for 2 Adults + Full Buffet Breakfast in Horizons Restaurant (valued at $250 each) to give away. 

All you need to do to WIN is refer your friends at your club’s reception desk to come in & try the club for FREE. You will then get entry in the draw. If they decide to join, they will avoid the $149 joining fee & you will also receive 2 WEEKS FREE for each friend that you referred who joins.

There are NO LIMITS on the amount of friends you can refer & tickets you can get into the draw each week. The more friends you refer, the better your chance of winning, so what are you waiting for?


Local Understanding Reaps Outstanding Physio Results!
Born and bred local, Physiotherapist Zade Goodenough returned to the Coffs Coast 18mths ago to join Mid North Coast Physio and bring his knowledge and skills in healthcare to those in need. Zade was attracted to Physiotherapy by the knowledge that so many people are limited from physical activity by pain, weakness and inflexibility, and his desire to help change that. Zade utilises many techniques including GEMt Dry Needling, deep tissue massage, and joint mobilisation to get you back doing the things you love.

Who can Zade help?
•    Athletes (social or competitive) – whether you are a weekend warrior, competing at state level or just enjoy going for a stroll, I can help you get back out there.
•    Injured workers – feel like work is stirring up the pain? Finding it hard to get through the day? I’ll help you get to the root of the problem and how to improve it.
•    Arthritic, worn out joints – can’t do the things you love because they stir up your arthritis? Do you have bone-on-bone? I can help you better manage it and get back to doing the things you love.
•    Chronic pain – feel like you’ve been cut off from society because pain is controlling your life? Come in and have it looked at and find out how to overcome it.
•    Don’t know what your injury is? – how often have you heard people give you medical advice who have no medical experience but who have had a vaguely similar pain in a similar area to you? Come to the professionals and find out – don’t listen to Joe Blow at the golf club, or Dr Google – let me have a look at your issue personally.

If you need help with an injury or niggle no matter how large or small, Mid North Coast Physio is offering 10 FREE physiotherapy assessments with Zade to get you on the road to recovery. Call 1300 273 747 NOW to secure your spot and avoid missing out.


Short Term Workout Options for Family and Friends!

Do you have friends or family that are in town during the school holidays? Would you like to save them some money & get them working out with you?
Well due to popular demand we are now offering some short term workout options for them… 

Single Visit – adult only $15, student or baby boomer only $10, incl access during all supervised hours
Week Pass – adult only $29, student or baby boomer only $19, incl access during all supervised hours

Simply see reception at either club or call 1300 040 479 to organise a pass for your visiting friends and family.



Your Ultimate Wedding Preparation Guide – WedFit is here!
Are you or someone you know preparing to walk down the aisle? We know how important it is to look your best for your big day, but forget the restrictive fad diets and the dangerous exercise programs because we have your answer…

Coffs Coast Health Club is proud to present our ‘WedFit’ eBook. This guide has been designed and compiled by our qualified trainers to get you looking, and more importantly feeling, your best on your big day and beyond. With easy to follow, scientifically backed nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice compiled in an easy to understand way, our WedFit eBook will have you training, eating and shopping in ways that will support your progress, not sabotage it. This isn’t a short term fix, but rather a manual to support you towards a healthier, happier lifestyle that will be with you long after your wedding day.

If you’re ready to work towards looking and feeling your best on your big day, WedFit is available as an eBook on our website for just $29.


Boost Yourself Through Winter with 10% off NanoPro!
We all know that protein is an essential nutrient for the human body, but how do you know which protein is best? We’ve got you covered. We take wellness protein to a whole new level with NanoPro Immune. Nanopro is not just for muscles, it is a recovery supplement with a full body internal tissue repair system that helps heal your body from the inside, out. With NanoPro’s naturally enhanced absorption, you see and feel the benefits much faster.

Nanopro is an enhanced protein with colostrum to help support the immune system and promote regeneration for healthy tissue, organs, bones, brain function and lean muscle. It also has a powerful yet gentle detoxifier to help remove harmful toxins caused by stress and the environment from the body. Pre-biotic fiber is also added to help keep your intestinal tract happy. Nanopro is all about giving you more in one product so you have to take less all together. Nanopro makes lifelong wellness easy.

NanoPro comes in at less than $2.70 per serve & is avalable in 2 delicious flavours – vanilla bean and chocolate. NanoPro is available at both our Toormina and Moonee clubs as well as online for just $80 this month.


Tips for Working Out in Winter!
As the weather gets cooler we can be tempted to sleep through our alarm in the morning and stay under the doona, or head straight home after a long cold day at work but it is important for your health and well-being that you continue exercising right through the Winter months. In order to boost your immune system, maintain your fitness and keep your mind happy and active, regular exercise is essential.

1. It is warmer inside the gym than it is outside and your favourite class is going to get you hot and sweaty but make sure that you wear layers to and from the club so that your muscles stay warm.  Remove the layers as you warm up during class and then add them back on as you cool off.
2. Hydration is very important and although you may not feel as thirsty when it is cold you need to ensure that you drink before, during and after class.
3. Allow a little extra time before class to warm up on a piece of cardio equipment or by doing some dynamic stretching.  Warming the muscles up adequately will prevent injury.
4. Put your favourite classes in your diary at the start of the week and commit to those work outs like you would any other appointment.
5. If you are finding that you are hitting the snooze button too often why not try leaving your alarm on the other side of the bedroom. Once you are up to switch it off you are up for the day.
6. If you are attending an early morning class lay your workout gear out ready for you to slip in to straight away or even sleep in your gear. If you are heading to the gym after work make sure you have everything in your car ready to go so there is no temptation to head home for any reason before heading to your class.

The great thing about group exercise is that you get to sweat it out with other people who are motivated, inspired and pushed by your instructor.  So don’t hibernate this winter – get in to the club and get warm while you get fitter, stronger and healthier!


Maximise Your Workout Performance with Bionic! 
Make the most of your next workout with Bionic Fitness Gloves for Men & Women. Bionic’s patented glove technology delivers superior grip and protection to ensure you get the most out of your exercise routine. Bionic Training Gloves also have strategically-placed anatomical relief pads to help prevent those pesky calluses and blisters. Antimicrobial treatment and Cool Max Lycra help fight tough odours and keep your palms dry. These gloves are ideal for cross training, free weights, machines, kettle bells and cycling. Available in a wide range of sizes, as well as half and full coverage varieties, there is sure to be a pair perfect for your needs.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, or if your hands need a little extra protection during your workout then pick up a pair of these wonderful gloves from Reception at Toormina or Moonee, or from our website, today. For the month of July Bionic Men’s or Women’s Gloves are just $50 for Full Gloves and $40 for Half Gloves – that’s $10 off!


Upcoming Events In July!
Sat 1st til Sun 16th July – School Holidays
Sat 1st July – Sawtell Chilli Festival
Wed 12th July – State of Origin
Sat 22nd July – Member’s Christmas Party
Wed 26th July – Chicks at the Flicks


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