10 Things Alpha Women Need In A Relationship


Alpha women are strong of mind and independent in every sense of the word. They are used to taking charge and can intimidate some people. They are confident and ambitious and not afraid to tell people what is what. That kind of power can be off-putting for some partners who are either overly competitive with the Alpha Woman or too submissive to be a true partner. So what does a true Alpha Woman need to maintain a strong and healthy relationship?

Here are 10 things alpha women need in a relationship:

1. They Need To Be Challenged

A partner to an Alpha woman needs to be able to hold their own. The Alpha woman needs someone to compete with and who is secure enough in their own abilities to be gracious in victory and a good sport in defeat.

2. They Need Trust

They need to know that what they tell you in confidence will stay in that relationship vault. They need to be able to vulnerable and let their guard down once in a while. They need to trust someone not to stab them in the back for their own personal gain.

3. They Need Respect

They need their partner to respect their decisions and not to second guess them at every turn. It is okay to challenge them before the decision is made but not afterward. They need their space and their boundaries respected as well. This also includes not being lied to for whatever reason. They need someone who doesn’t belittle them when they are angry or put them on a pedestal they will fall off of eventually.

4. They Need Their Independence

They need to be able to enjoy their personal passions, their friends and do what needs to be done. They don’t need a clingy person who can’t survive for a few hours without them. They want someone like them who also has their own life outside of the relationship.

5. They Need Someone Who Can Keep Up

Alpha women have things that have to be done and no one is going to do those things for them. They are moving at a high speed. They are time-efficient and booked solid. They need someone who can hang with them and their high-pressure and high-intensity environment.

6. They Need an Equal Partner

They need someone who is an equal partner; someone who carries their own weight in the relationship. They need someone who has their own opinions, who has their own finances in order and who has their ego in a healthy place. They need someone to walk with them, not behind them or in front of them. They don’t have to be the same or have the same opinions, hobbies or friends. They have to be a complete and self-sufficient person on their own though before they can be a partner.

7. They Need To Laugh

They need someone who can make them laugh and lighten the mood in their often stressful and high pressure lives. They need someone who can bring a smile to their face, who can tease them and be teased in return without hurt feelings on either side.

8. They Need To Be Called Out When Necessary

They need someone who is strong and secure enough to call out an alpha woman on her own bullsh*t. Someone to remind them that they are not perfect and that they can in fact make mistakes from time to time without being a jerk about it. Everyone needs their ego checked occasionally and the alpha woman is no exception. Their power and personality makes it necessary to have someone who will reign them in a bit when they go off the rails.

9. They Need Someone Who Is Informed

In order to be all of these things, a partner of an alpha woman has to be informed about things from current events to esoteric knowledge. They have to be able to have an intelligent conversation with the alpha woman and express ideas on her level. In the age of social media and information bubbles, it is important for the partner of an alpha woman to have a well-tuned bullsh*t detector.

10. They Need Someone With Tact

Most importantly, they need someone with tact, someone who knows when to have that intense talk about something important and when to let it go for now. They need someone who can handle their moods and emotions without ruffling feathers any more than they already are. They need someone who is thoughtful and sensitive enough to pick up on how they are feeling and to broach difficult subjects in private.

Article sourced here: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/10-things-alpha-women-need-relationship/


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