Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Fitness & Fun Ambassador

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I have a challenge for you this week. I want you to become a Fitness and Fun Ambassador amongst your own circle of friends.      We all have too many family members and friends that are not doing the best things for their health or are making token efforts with plenty of room for improvement.
So if you’re the exception amongst your friends and family,  I want you to talk to 5 friends and family members this week and encourage them to make some healthier changes in their lives.
Before you get started though try to understand what the other person could be feeling in regards to doing this with you.  Let’s take going for a walk.  They may think you’re a super athlete, or you might intimidate them with your sprightliness, so you may have to walk a little slower or take an easier route with no hills.  After all being their Fitness and Fun Ambassador you will want to ensure they can manage it and, it feel good at the end. In time they can work harder but remember initially it’s just about getting moving.
Maybe you could encourage healthy eating. As much as my mum taught me how to look after myself and some basic cooking, I am now showing my mum how a lot of the “healthy” foods she recommended are in fact laden with hidden kilojoules. It’s not her fault; it’s just what she knows and what she had been taught. The same goes for you and your friends.  They may not actually know the amount of movement required to burn off that ‘little slice of cake’ or ‘healthy’ muffin.  A good start is instead of going for coffee and a chat, swap the coffee for a walk and a chat.  By the way forgo the low fat food choices as these often have sugar or salt added to them to improve the flavour that the missing fat supplied.
Take you friends/family members shopping with you to see what healthy food items you put into your trolley, and to see which isles you totally avoid (this helps a lot, if it doesn’t go into the trolley, it won’t go in your mouth).
Being a Fitness and Fun Ambassador is a big responsibility but also a rewarding one.  After all some people just need a little help and guidance and more importantly someone who believes they can do it.  So get out their and go spread the word.
For more information or to meet some of our great Fitness and Fun Ambassadors contact Glen or Jacqui at Coffs Coast Health Club on 6658 6222 and we can organise you a FREE Session with us.


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