Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Getting Up

04_d_woman getting off floorPicture this, you are enjoying a late afternoon walk in the park as you go around the next corner you slip and fall to the ground.  Good news is you haven’t hurt anything. Bad news is as you have avoided getting onto the ground for years because your flexibility has become limited, your knees hurt and you feel foolish with the amount of effort it takes you, you can’t get up.  So you find yourself toppled over, no one about and nothing to hoist yourself up.  What do you do?
Lets take you back to that time when your Doctor/physiotherapist/class instructor said that “today we are going to do some floor exercises for strength and mobility”.  That was the time you left the room and opted for the upright exercise bike for your workout.

Let’s change that picture and say you decided to give it a go.  For the first couple of weeks you used a chair to help you down and up.  As you gained your confidence and were taught how to get up you switched the chair for a helping hand until you found that a few weeks along you had the strength in your legs and improved mobility everywhere else to get up with limited assistance.
Playing with the grandkids became more interactive.  Gardening was easier and even picking up dropped items around the house was now not a problem.
There are many reasons why people don’t/can’t get down onto the floor. Is your reason one that can be worked on to improve your quality of life so you don’t get stuck?  With the right strengthening exercises, mobility exercises and a step by step process to get you up again,  this common scenario won’t be a problem for you.

What stops you from getting down?  Is it sore knees, a restrictive back, stiffness, vision problems or have you lost your confidence?  In some cases people who have had a hip or knee replacement have a genuine reason why getting down and up is difficult but at the end of the day if you fall you need to have some solutions as to how to get up again.

How to get up. Start by:
Rolling onto your side.
Push yourself into a seated position and then onto your knees.
Then curl your toes back under;  and
Either put your hand on your strong leg, brace your tummy and push up through your feet or pull yourself up by using a piece of furniture or a sturdy tree.
If all else fails ask someone for help.
Practice regularly getting down and up and it will become easier, restoring your confidence. The alternative is of course that you stay on that ground in the park until someone comes along.  Hopefully a dog won’t mistake you for a garden ornament!
Give Glen or Jacqui a call on 66586222 if you need some help.


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