Coffs Coast Health Club eNews Moonee – February 2016


New Year, New Back – How to Solve Back Pain for Good!

Are you one of the 80% of the population that suffers from back pain?  Do you always hear about “core strength” and have no idea what it means? Have you wondered why your back pain flares up without any warning?


What is “core strength” and why is it important?

You often hear people talking about the “core” but it is usually really poorly understood. In simple terms, the core is made up of the deepest layer of the abdominal muscles (transverse abdominus) – not the 6 pack muscles but deeper – along with a series of small muscles in between your vertebrae (multifidus) and the pelvic floor muscles. These groups of muscle work together to form a strong support cylinder around the spine to help reduce load and minimise the risk of injury. Once you have had a back injury it is vital to retrain and strengthen these muscles to get your back moving well with the right support. This is usually the step that is missed in back rehab, meaning that you are at a much higher risk of further back pain in the future.

How can you find out if your core muscles are working well?

We have a team of healthcare professionals at both clubs who have a proven track record in solving back pain for thousands of happy clients. By incorporating physiotherapy, exercise physiology and massage into a comprehensive treatment plan you are sure to get long term solutions rather than short term relief. If you have suffered with back pain previously or are worried about your core strength, why not see one of the experienced physios at Toormina or Moonee to get a comprehensive assessment.

For this month only we are offering 10 lucky people a FREE back care assessment to check your core strength and flexibility and provide you with a clear plan of rehabilitation. To secure one of these appointments call 1300 27 37 47 now and get your back on the right track.


Grab Your FREE VIP PASS for a friend!


School has gone back, the summer holidays are over and the New Year is well and truly underway. This is the perfect time to start your exercise routine and work on a fitter and healthier you! Sometimes this can be made so much easier and can be lots more fun when you do it with friends.

Do you have a friend or a family member that you think might like to try your favourite class?  Why not give them a VIP Pass and ask them to come and try the class for FREE. Ask at reception for some VIP passes to give to your family and friends…. you never know who you might inspire! Friends don’t let friends sit on the couch….

50+ Classes are a great example!

As we get older the need to exercise and stay fit and healthy becomes far more important. Did you know that we have 5 classes every week that are dedicated specifically to our Baby Boomers? These classes go for 55 minutes and are on at 10.30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday 50+FIT –  a strength, fitness and flexibility class. Wednesdays are 50+CIRCUIT – a gentle strength, fitness and flexibility class that incorporates balance and coordination exercises. On Fridays we have 50+FLEX – a specialised class which targets increased flexibility, as well as abdominal and lower back strength. In addition to the health and wellbeing benefits that are gained through being active there are many social benefits in attending these classes. Why not give one of them a try today? Use a FREE VIP PASS and bring a friend too if you like…

“Surround yourself with others that are striving for the same goal.”


Why not get paid for keeping fit and doing what you LOVE?


Do you love group exercise? Do you want to motivate and inspire others? Have you ever thought about making the change from participant to instructor? Why not make 2016 the year you become an instructor and get paid to do what you love.

Contact Carla on 0412 930 064 or for more information on how to become an instructor, so that you can help our Coffs Coast Community become healthier and happier!


A Valentine’s Day Rub!

Pamper Someone Special and Give the Gift of Massage this year. Valentines Day and Massage is like a match made in heaven! We are all about spreading the love and what better way to do that than to buy your Valentine a Massage Gift Certificate.Smiling woman enjoying a massage

Not only is it a highly sought after but you can also SAVE if you purchase your Gift Certificate before Valentines Day, as we will give you 50% OFF a second massage for yourself. 

Organise the gift in person at reception or over the phone on 1300 27 37 47 and we will have it ready for you immediately! Ange, Riana and Jude’s magic hands are waiting.
Massage Therapy is available at both Toormina and Moonee locations.


Welcome to the Healthy Inspirations Team Megan!


We’re very proud to introduce our newest Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Coach Megan Howard!  Megan has just joined our dedicated team of Weight Loss CoacheHIShapingPortraits alongside Leslie and Simone to be able to provide you with everything you need on your weight loss journey.
As a Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Coach, Megan and the team, work with you following the Healthy Inspirations approach called “Reset” that makes weight loss far easier,   especially for those carrying extra around the middle. Instead of focusing on calorie counting, it focuses on fat storage and release, which is controlled by hormones. The good news is that each person can learn how to adjust their food selections to
2015-10-30 09.35.45manipulate their hormones for easier fat release.

So if weight loss is on your agenda for 2016 get started now! You owe it to yourself to have a chat with Megan, Leslie or Simone to discover how the program can work for you.

Your first visit is complimentary so call Megan on 0423 233 717, Leslie on 0423 284 421 or Simone on 0402 202 864 and let them show you how you can make a difference in 2016.


February is the Month to Sweat Together!

Valentines Day is coming soon and what better way to feel connected with your significant other than sharing some buddy training with them?

We don’t mind who your significant other is either… For some it is their partner but for others it can be their sibling, work colleague or best mate.

Until sold out, our Personal Trainers are offering 4 x 30min buddy sessions to any couple for ONLY $145! 

That is a massive saving but be quick because each trainer can only provide this special offer to 3 new couples. Contact Glen on 0411 037 097, to discuss your needs, answer your questions & organise the best trainer for YOU.

Remember that couples that sweat together, stay together!


Are You Getting Enough?
nanogreens time mag cut

How do you really feel each day? Do you eat enough raw fruits and vegetables?

We all know we should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact the USDA now recommends a minimum of 10 servings a day for optimal health. Top nutrition experts recommend at least 50% of each meal should come from fruits and vegetables.

A main reason people don’t eat that way is price and convenience. Fresh produce can cost over $10 per day and be extremely inconvenient to consume and that’s if you can stomach all of those foods and do it consistently every day.

NanoGreens is the solution. It was developed BY healthcare professionals, FOR healthcare professionals, knowing that plant based nutrition is the future of health care and health maintenance. 100% natural, no fillers and easily mixed into water, its high quality nutrition at your fingertips.

For the Month of February NanoGreens is available at reception for OVER 10% OFF at ONLY $79.99!


Kick Off The New Year with a NEW CAREER!
Coffs Coast Health Club CENEX logo gray

Are you over your job? Do you need a change?

If so, then do something you’re passionate about, help people achieve their goals & kickstart your career in fitness!

Coffs Coast Campus has recently been approved as the Centre of Excellence for health, fitness, nutrition & business education in the north coast region.

To celebrate, 2016 will see us providing real training in a real environment for the following qualifications:

Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Diploma of Fitness (Exercise Specialist)

Diploma of Nutrition (Non-Clinincal Advisor)

Diploma of Business (Owner or Manager)

If you want to have an exciting career that helps keep you fit & healthy, then act now. Experience the best hands on practical training available & begin your new career today in the regions most awarded health club.

NEW PERSONAL TRAINER COURSE STARTS FEBRUARY but the sooner you start, the sooner you finish & you can get started today! We only enrol a maximum of 15 students at any one time, so call Chris on 0475 757 531 or email him at for further details & to secure your spot as we only have 5 places remaining.


Have You Had a BIG Workout?
mr good beans.jpg

Our friends next door at Mr Good Beans are here to help re-hydrate and re-energise you!
They’ve re-designed their juice and smoothie menu to cater for our hard working members with antioxidant, energising and a muscle-building range of shakes, smoothies and fresh juices made to order.
Short of time? Pre-order before your work out as early as 5:45am and have your awesome energiser ready to go at the front desk when you are!

Want even better value? Flash your Coffs Coast Health Club tag for 10% OFF their green drinks menu.

image back to school feb 2016

Click here for more information on membershippersonal trainingweight lossmassage therapyrehabilitationgroup exercisechildmindingprivileges card & fitness careers or call us on 6658 6222 for Toormina or on 6653 6122 for Moonee for more help.

Invite your friends for a FREE TRIAL & grab yourself a new training buddy!


Your CCHC Team

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