Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Winter Warm-ups

It hasn’t been too cold so far this autumn but I’m sure that will change.   When the morning chill comes you may be forgiven for turning the heater up a notich or snuggling under a blanket to ward off the nippy weather.  Here are some suggestions that will not only burn some calories and keep you warm but may even cut down on your heating bill.

No 1 Get out and go for a walk. Its a great way to circulate your blood, increase lung capacity, clear your mind and warm the joints.  Doesn’t have to be a long one, just a simple brisk walk taking in your surroundings.

No 2 Get vacuuming and jive it up with some music in the background to lift your spirits.  Vacuuming, sweeping and even cleaning your home will help clear the winter bugs away as well as warm you deep to your core.  These activities provide vigorous upper and lower body movements which will burn some winter calories.

No 3 Have a warm shower or bath, dress in layers afterwards and then go through a simple head to toe stretching regime.  Start with your feet and legs, progress to your torso chest and back then move on to your shoulders and arms. Finish with gentle neck stretching to relax this area which can get tight during winter and deeply breath to open your lungs and  clear your airways. Rubbing some eucalyptus oil onto your chest will help with this process.

No 4 Don’t stay stuck in your home feeling miserable.  Try a new environment or a new activity – something of course to get you active.  Salsa dancing, ten pin bowling, classes at my health club or even take a plunge in one of our local heated swimming pools.

Remember a body is like a car if you want it to run well on these cooler mornings then you need to warm it up first. You’ll get more mileage and you won’t need a service for ages.

If you have any questions to help you with your Winter warming up, give Glen or Jacqui a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222.


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