Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Sore Bits

Have you got sore bits?  I often get approached by people in the health club who ask me about their ‘bits’ that are sore. This week I want to let you know a couple of reasons for those sore ‘bits’ and what you can do about them.

Firstly, before you commence any exercise program it is always advisable to get a medical clearance from your GP.  If your GP is happy for you to get started then go for it.  If your GP asks you to be cautious then be cautious and get guidance on that from an exercise expert like an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer or Older Populations Instructor.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  This is the soreness you get about 24-48 hours after an activity.  It’s the soreness that sometimes gets you in your legs or butt and you really know about it when you need to sit down on and get off the toilet!  Your muscles will feel sore but this will decrease gradually over a few days.  It is quite common but can be alarming for new exercises and even put them off doing anything again.  DOMS occurs when you have done an activity you haven’t done before, or maybe you worked extra hard.

What should you do when you have DOMS?  In my experience it is important that you  keep moving at a lessor level though. Gentle walking, light stretching and swimming help muscles recover.  A warm bath with some Epsom salts may benefit you, as will a gentle massage.  How do you prevent DOMS?  Warm up before your chosen activity and don’t go too hard too soon.

Blisters.  Blisters are nasty little inconveniences that can really ruin a good walk or run.  They sometimes just appear for no apparent reason but most of the time they occur when a surface of your foot or toes is being rubbed and when your feet are wet, dirty or hot.

Always make sure you wear your shoes in before doing any prolonged activity and of course make sure your shoes and socks fit you properly.  If your socks get wet change them. Cotton socks absorb moisture so may not be the best option for you but wearing two pairs of socks can reduce friction so may be a good solution.

So what shouldn’t be sore when you exercise? Joints.  .  If your joints get sore it may be a technique issue, poor footwear or maybe a joint lubrication problem. Get it checked out so you can continue many years of enjoyable activity. Remember there is always something you can do even if your ‘bits’ are sore.

If you need some guidance give Glen a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222.


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