Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Portion Control


Piling too much food on our plates is a common problem and a sure way to get those extra kilos creeping on especially in winter.  Portion control is much simpler than you think.  Your protein should be the size of your palm, your fish can be the size of your hand, your carbohydrates (eg rice and potato) should be about the size of a tennis ball and your veges can be the size of two hands.   By the way, that doesn’t mean that you stack up that sizing so it’s the thickness of a brick!

Break Leftovers Down

These days it might just be the two of you or you might even be living solo.  Long gone are the days when you needed to cook up a hearty meal for the family.  Cooking for one can be a pain in the butt so rather than spend valuable time altering your recipes, cook the same quantity of food but store leftovers such as casseroles, side dishes, or pasta, into individually-sized containers then freeze them.  You are creating a perfect portion for one, and you just need to defrost and reheat. Label and date the containers and keep a list of what you have in the freezer so you can mark it off as you use it.

Single out Trigger Foods

If you do need to have snack foods in your house divide them up and store them into single serving sizes so again you can still have some of your favourites and be portioned controlled so you know how much you treating yourself too.  Again label and date so you can be sure of what you are eating and its freshness.

Master Mini Meals

If you’re not as active as you use to be you don’t need the calories you use to have.  A great option to keep your energy levels up is to organise having mini meals during your day.  5-6 mini meals will keep your blood sugar levels even, keep hunger at bay and may be more comfortable on your digestive system.  Plan and portion out your mini meals to ensure you are not consuming more calories than you need.

Treat Yourself

And last, but not least … indulge!

Treating yourself once in a while to ‘occasional’ foods or as some people call them ‘treat’ foods, will keep you from feeling deprived; a sense of deprivation can easily lead to overeating. Stop a binge before it starts by indulging every now and then.  Plan it into your diary eg “Tuesday treat day”!

Pay attention to your portions this season and you’ll spring into Spring a lot lighter.  Give Glen a call at Coffs Coast Health Club on 66586222 if you need more guidance.


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