Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett

If your mind is dusty and your joints are rusty, your teeth are worn and your cloths are musty, you might just be classified as being over 50 – doom, gloom and despair to match your spreading mid section and greying hair.   Read any articles on ageing and this is the forecast – not particularly inspiring.

How many of you are able to get on the floor with their grandkids? Perhaps when we are gardening your ease of movement or duration of activity is a bit harder now, and as much as you are enjoy getting outside you are just having a little more trouble moving the mattock, shovel or wheel burrow.

As we age we find that our organ systems, such as the visual, auditory and endocrine systems, appear to decline with age. A decline in water content of our ligaments and tendons contribute to inflexibility and may further limit our physical abilities. Our basal metabolic rate (the amount of kilojoules burnt at rest) is clearly affected mostly be the decline in muscle mass, the individuals lifestyle and underlying health. Although there are limitations, a decline in physical ability is not inevitable. Studies show that healthy individuals of all ages can increase their muscular strength and endurance to a proportionate degree. In fact, the strength in a study group of healthy men and women ages 62 to 84 improved by as much as 57% over a short training period.

Here are some strategies to overcome these age related generalisations:

  1. Get active, be active and stay active. It’s never too late to get moving. It is never too late to do some strength training to rebuild that lost muscle density and in turn perk up your metabolic rate so you can literally have your cake and eat it too.
  2. Stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. Water is a miracle worker. It will plump your cells, flush away the bad stuff and keep you lubricated.
  3. Eat life enhancing foods.  Before you reach for your food ask yourself is it going to enhance my bodies energy, fill me with goodness or clog my arteries, slow down my mind, fill out my gut and clog up my bowels?
  4. Activate your brain.  Don’t let your brain atrophy with lack of use.  Take on new challenges, learn a language become a Facebook follower, explore the internet and keep your mind open and alive.
  5. Most importantly choose your attitude.  No matter what age you are, you can choose to wake up and have a great day or a bad day.  Deal with life positively and don’t let it drag you down. With age comes wisdom – use it after all you’ve earned it.

For any further information contact Glen on 66586222


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