Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Why Group Exercise?

group_picI bet there have been times where you wanted to participate in an activity, but were worried about doing it alone. Group exercise is a great alternative to going solo. These classes are growing in popularity each and every year. They have the benefit of having varying ages, varieties and fitness levels, even in “seniors” (horrible word for some I know) classes.
What is group exercise?Group exercise is where a group of people get together and participate in activities.

The activities might be:
Walking Groups
Fitness classes
Dancing classes
Aqua classes
Riding Groups

Group exercise should be:
Fun, Motivating and Safe
Fun – if it’s fun you’ll do it – right?  Just because you’re young at heart but slightly older in other parts, doesn’t mean that you need to sit on the bench and watch life pass you by.   Group interaction is something that is often missing from alot of older populations lives.  In group activities you will get words of encouragement, a joke or two being thrown around, a pat on the back, not to mention being with people who share a common interest.
Working out with a group will keep you on your toes, maintain your motivation, and provide a great incentive as is a terrific form of motivation.   You also have the added accountability of a concerned question like, “Where have you been?” or “we’ve missed you”,  when you don’t show up for a couple of sessions.
Safety should always come first with any type of activity, whether it be the shoes you wear, the qualifications of the instructor or the environment you workout in.    Get some advice from qualified caring people in your life – your GP, your local footwear specialist and even your local gym will help you make decisions on what to exercise in and where to do it.
It is interesting at any age to see where you sit amongst the masses, not on a competitive basis but as a guide to see where you are at now, where you’ve been and how you improve. For instance ask yourself,  what is my fitness like? What is my flexibility like? I’m having trouble putting my shoes on and that bloke over there was almost hugging his legs. Why is that 72 year old lady lifting 5kg more than I can? What is my strength like? You may just be surprised as to where you find yourself.
Group activities – get involved – the more the merrier as they say and you definitely won’t regret it.
We have really great classes for older adults every week day at Coffs Coast Health Club.
Give me a call if you’d like to join us. 66586222


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