Over 50’s Fitness by Glen Barnett – Boomers Cycling Boom


They say life is like riding a bicycle, if you stop pedalling you’ll fall off.  That analogy speaks a lot about staying active as we get older.  As an avid cyclist I get around a bit and I have noticed more, older adults are out there cycling. Whether they are the steady paced riders down Hogbin Drive, the brave riders powering up Bruxner Hill or the social cyclists enjoying a post ride coffee at an outdoor cafe, the boomers cycling boom is booming.    So, this week, let me help you out with a few cycling tips if you ride a bike or are considering riding one.
Safety first, so get yourself checked out (eg Drs agreement) and your bike checked out before you start. These days a wider seat may be more comfortable and provide extra balance.  If balance is a big issue look into getting a 3 wheeler!  You will get most of the benefits of cycling a 2 wheeler without the fear of toppling over.  Learn to love helmet hair – helmets are not only the most important piece of cycling attire but it is also illegal not to wear one. What you wear from there, is up to you but make it is bright so you can be easily seen.  If you need a bit more padding in the nether region you could wear those very attractive padded bike pants or use a removable padded bike seat.   Shoes don’t have to be fancy cycle shoes but just make sure your lace ups, are laced up, and laces tucked away.
Unless you are a seasoned rider, stick to bike paths and times of the day where your vision is not affected by dim light, too many shadows dancing across your path or the sun blazing into your eyes.  Sunglasses, a hat with a visor or a visor attached to your helmet, work well so add these to your cycling kit.
Attaching a bell or horn to your bike will help people know you are there.  Following cycle etiquette and sounding the bell or horn as you pass someone on the path will help prevent accidents to you or them.
Choose your journey according to your experience and level of fitness. You can cover a lot of kms when cycling – don’t forget you need to get home again. Cycle with a friend for the social aspect and for safety.  Don’t forget your mobile phone, towel and water.
Life is like a 10 speed bike, most of us have gears we will never use so if all else fails come and pedal on one of our stationery bikes at the health club. Give Glen a call at Coffs Coast Health Club for a free ride on 66586222.



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