Over 50’s Fitness & Health by Glen Barnett – Cruising Health Tips

Going on a cruise is a great way to fit in some time off and really relax. Unfortunately we tend to come back with little more baggage than we left with, usually around our waist, and hips, and thighs, and… need I go on?
So to combat this I have designed a list of how to NOT get fat on a cruise.
Here’s the plan:
1–Stay out of the lifts. Aim to not set foot in the  lifts. Trust me, if you use the stairs every single time you have to go up five floors because you forgot your sun glasses, you’ll feel it in your legs and burn up those calories.
2–Skip the breakfast buffet.  You can go to the sit-down breakfast, order something sensible, and feel less like you’re eating at a trough. Allow yourself a day at the buffet if you like, but every day is setting yourself up for rapid weight gain?
3–Find the track. There’s usually one deck that has a walking/jogging path marked out. Find out when you can use this and off you go. You can also download an audio book or music on your iPod before you leave home, and you’ll be entertained while getting your daily activity.
4–Make good use of your off-ship time.  Sign on for an active excursion or make your own. Go for a walk to enjoy the scenery or hire a bike and explore on a ride. This could end up being a highlight of your holiday and it will beat heading to another t-shirt and souvenir shop.
5–Share desserts.  You don’t need more than a bite anyway, and if you share, you can try more than one.
6–Stay sober.  We all know some people who think holiday is synonymous with a drunken bender but this is no good for your health at all. Getting drunk means you’re consuming all the calories in the drinks, plus you’re more likely to overeat.  Bad combination.
7–Remember that there will be more food tomorrow.  If you can afford to go on a holiday, you are probably not at risk of starvation.  The food will be there when you get up in the morning, and it’ll be there when you get home, too.  It’s not necessary to eat everything in sight.
Most important, you are on holidays. So ensure you don’t stress about the whole calorie thing. Just don’t over indulge and stay active. Have a great time and enjoy the experience.

For more healthy and fit holiday tips call Glen at Coffs Coast Health Club on 6658 6222.


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