Why Group Exercise Works


1. Be Social

Social support allows you to have fun while working out, which can be tedious at times. In addition to bonding with your peers, you may even meet someone in a group class and make a new friend—they even have some of the same interests and lifestyle goals as you, right? Plus, your workout won’t seem too bad when you have happily chatted your way through the time that it took you to do that killer plank.


2. Get Stronger and Go Longer

Group exercise challenges you to work your muscles harder and increase your endurance beyond your perceived limitations. Which everyone is watching, it is more likely that you will show off (it’s human nature after all) by lifting heavier weights, putting more effort into your rows on the machine and running on the treadmill for a longer period of time. In fact, a study using rowers actually showed that those working out in a group had increased grip strength during practice than those rowers who worked out alone.


3. Burn More Calories

When working out with a small group there is no place to hide and I doubt you want to look like the runt of the litter. That is why people push harder when exercising with others, translating that determination into increased calorie burn. One study from the Archives of Internal Medicine journal shows that overweight participants working out with a partner lost more than 5% of their body weight if their partners also lost 5%.  In other words, exercising with a partner makes you work hard not to be the littlest piggy of the bunch.


4. Feel Happier

Ah, the psychological and physiological benefits of exercise feel nice. That’s probably because the two types of benefits are related due to specific neurologic chemicals known to induce happiness: endorphins.  Endorphins (produced during socialization, exercise, sex, eating hot foods, meditation and other triggering events) interact with receptors found in your brain to block pain and create a euphoric feeling. This is why marathon runners express feeling a “runner’s high” at the end of their race. Also, remember Legally Blonde anyone? Well said, Elle Woods.


5. Motivate Each Other

Research shows that within the first six months of starting an exercise program, 50% of those participants will drop out. Woah, that sure is a waste of time and money for something you are not willing to commit to—that is, if you do not have a friend to keep you accountable. The Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants recommends group or partner exercise specifically because people are more likely to “stay on track.” Additionally, seeing what someone like you can accomplish will inspire you to reach for the same fitness goals. Plus, the constant positive feedback doesn’t hurt either!


THE BOTTOM LINE: Let your best friend or new workout group inspire you to feel happier, healthier and more supported when striving to succeed in your most difficult goals!




Information sourced from: http://blog.wello.co/2013/02/26/the-5-benefits-of-group-exercise-we-work-ouuut/
Posted on Posted on 02/26/2013


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