Drink (water) and be merry (and thin)

I know I’m guilty of not drinking enough water.  Maybe you need more H2O in your life, too.

Here are some compelling reasons why we should all enjoy more of the life-giving substanceWater, Water Everywhere: Author of Upcoming Book Explains Why Hydration is Important for Losing Weight

By Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, Coauthor of But I’m Hungry!  But I'm Hungry

TAMPA, Fla. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Registered dietitian and coauthor of upcoming e-book, But I’m Hungry!, to be launched Sept. 15 from Satisfaction Solutions Press, explains that hydration is important to weight loss any time of year.

Hydration is one of the keys to weight loss. It allows your body to give you proper hunger signals, while also preventing headaches, detoxifying metabolic byproducts and aiding post-workout rejuvenation and healing. Proper hydration is important because our bodies are more than half water. Water transports nutrients, regulates our body temperature, aids in digestion and gets rid of waste. So it’s at the foundation of any healthy diet/eating plan.

Your Body’s Needs

To avoid being thirsty, drink eight to 10 cups of non-alcoholic, caffeine-free fluid a day. This equals about two liters of fluid. For those refilling 16-ounce water bottles, this is five bottles a day. Water is the quickest and cheapest way to hydrate. Milk, juice and water in fruits and vegetables also add to daily fluid intake. Water, however, is the only natural calorie-free way to hydrate. (Keep reading for ideas for adding flavor without artificial sweeteners or tons of calories.)

Dehydration can mimic the feeling of hunger. As you learn to recognize the hunger signals your body is sending you, think about how much fluid you have had to drink during the day. There are times in our days when it is more difficult to drink enough fluids due to our jobs or schedule.

Seasonal changes can make it more difficult to get enough fluids. Our desire to drink cold water in the winter and in the summer fluctuates. If you are in the Midwest it may be easy to get enough water in the winter by warming up with your hot tea, but it is also dehydrating you. In the summer in the Southwest it is easy to get enough water because of the heat. But use eight to 10 cups as a guide for your needs all year round.

If you’re not sure whether you’re hungry or thirsty drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. This may help your body adjust and help you figure out if you are hungry or thirsty. And when you are eating a meal, choose a low-calorie beverage to enjoy with your meal. About three-quarters of our daily fluid consumption happens while we are eating.

About But I’m Hungry!

But I’m Hungry! is a collaborative effort by a health writer, registered dietitian and editor who have joined forces to help people beat the one thing that often stands in the way of living healthy: hunger.

The e-book includes analyses of hunger, meal plans and weight-loss recipes, and tons of strategies for beating the beast. Visit www.butimhungry.net    


Crystal Petrello.


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