Why I Love Being a Personal Trainer

Have you every thought of becoming a Personal Trainer?

Here is some insight into the life of a Personal Trainer.  

I feel truly blessed to work everyday as a Personal Trainer. It gives me the opportunity to help others improve themselves everyday and constant self-improvement is something that is very important to me. I strongly believe that consistent exercise, a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle are incredibly powerful tools for preventative and reactive medicine. There is nothing better than helping somebody improve their self-confidence, lose 3 waist sizes, build muscle they’ve never had before, treat debilitating diseases, decrease insulin-dependence, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, or get off medication they’ve been taking for years. If something can be improved naturally and without dangerous side effects or huge bills, I believe that is usually the best route to take in a treatment plan.

Training clients everyday also helps to keep me accountable and disciplined. One of the things I hate the most in this world is hypocrisy so I need to practice what I preach. I’m far from perfect but I would never make one of my clients do something that I have never done myself or something I don’t currently do. This helps to ensure that I serve as a good role model for my clients and keep my fitness level up high. There are so many amazing people that I have met as a Personal Trainer and I continue to meet more great people everyday. I’ve been inspired by many individuals over the past 6 years that overcame or continue to overcome incredible obstacles in their lives to become much healthier. Their quality of life improves drastically and that helps keep me motivated to continue training clients everyday.  Michael J. Schiemer Certified Personal Trainer

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers ‘Career In Fitness Night’

If becoming a Personal Trainer is something of interest to you why not come and join Steve and Duncan for an informative seminar on career opportunities in the fitness industry?  Learn about your career options as well as all of the details regarding the upcoming ‘Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer’ course starting 3rd October. Real learning in a real gym, with real personal trainers, providing real knowledge and real employment opportunities.
When: 6.30pm Tuesday 11th September
Where: Sawtell Surf Club
How: Bookings via coffscoast@aipt.com.au or 0431 077 417
Cost: FREE for everyone so bring your mates


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