How to Gain Flexibility & Strength With Body Balance

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Body Balance can improve breath awareness, posture, flexibility, balance and reduce stress.

Breath Awareness

  • Central to Body Balance is awareness of the breath. There are breathing exercises that help you improve your oxygen intake. There are some that help remind you to be in the present by controlling how you intake and exhale your breath and there are some that help you stay in more difficult positions.

Improving Posture

  • Body Balance emphasizes a neutral spine. That means, if you are lying down, the majority of your back is on your mat but there is a little hollow where your lower back doesn’t touch. In standing poses, the emphasis is on feeling centered as if you had a string from the ceiling through your head to the ground running along your spine.

Improve Flexibility

  • Flexibility is key to many of the balance poses. Starting simple and building up to harder positions will keep you from getting discouraged.

Improve Balance

  • Not only do the standing positions of yoga require balance, many of the floor exercises do too. As you master these positions, you will improve your balance, adding grace to your everyday movements.

Reduce Stress

  • Because balance  is about being in the present, it can help reduce stress through breathing exercises and muscle tension release. Body Balance can also help you take a longer view of situations by remembering that everything is possible if you take things in manageable steps.

Body Balance at Coffs Coast Health Club every Monday – 6:30 pm, Tuesday – 9:30 am, Thursday – 6:30 pm & Saturday mornings @ 8:30.  Try to attend at least two balance classes per week, you will find the flexibility & strength created will compliment everything you do both at the Coffs Coast Health Club & in your everyday walk.  Talk to your instructor before class if you have any health issues & they will advice on options available to you.

Information sourced from Kate Russell

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3 Responses to “How to Gain Flexibility & Strength With Body Balance”

  1. sandra jones Says:

    Why don’t you call it what it really is YOGA! Please.

  2. whyyyjen Says:

    Balance is as important as the depth of the pose. If a person is trying to reach the deepest he or she can do and comprising balance along the way, that won’t work.

    “Balance first then go deeper.” – That is what I learned from my Bikram yoga instructor 😉

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