Your “BODYWEIGHT” Workout


For those days when you can’t get to the Coffs Coast Health Club…use your Body as Your Gym!
Here is a great workout you can take with you while you’re away from home on business or holidays.  Use this beginner’s guide to bodyweight training for a workout you can do anywhere, anytime.  Download the file at the bottom with easy to follow instructions.  Hey why not apply this info for your workouts at the club too?

Unfortunately, the trouble with bodyweight workouts is their very nature: you’re trying to lift your bodyweight in order to lose your bodyweight. This can be a tricky endeavour, because you might not be strong enough yet to do sufficient reps to create a significant calorie burn. That’s why we got Mark Lauren, strength coach and author of You Are Your Own Gym (Light Of New Orleans Publishing), to give you the easy way to build the power to successfully do traditionally tough moves that make up so many bodyweight workouts.

With each move you’ll get a little tweak to make it slightly harder, which you can progress towards.

7 quick ways to make your bodyweight moves tougher

1.            Strap on a weighted backpack.

2.            Take four seconds to lower yourself and four seconds to raise yourself.

3.            Pause for two seconds at the bottom of each rep.

4.            Distance your body further from the ground by standing on a raised platform such as a park bench

5.            Do a short shuttle sprint of 50 metres between each set.

6.            Reduce your rest periods between each set.

7.            Squeeze your muscles at the top of each rep.

Click here to download  Your-Body-is-Your-Gym-Workout


By Dale Taylor of Australian Men’s Fitness



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