How Fit is YOUR Family?

At Coffs Coast Health Club we are passionate about healthy lifestyles for the entire family!

Did you know that families that eat together & exercise together have a higher success rate of raising healthy, fit children?  You as parents are setting valuable lessons for your children just by doing these  two things-eating & exercising as a “family”.

So during these school holidays get out there with your kids and show them that they can exercise with their parents and siblings and have fun.  It really is a win-win situation for all.

Remember at Coffs Coast Health Club we are here for YOU, so if you have any questions or suggestions just let us know.
Your club, mixing fitness & fun!

This short quiz will open your eyes to how fit your family really is plus give you useful advice on how to improve.
Take 2 minutes and you might just learn a little bit about your family.
Raising Fit Kids…How Fit is YOUR Family?


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