Banana Orange Strawberry Shake – dairy free

Do you find that some mornings it’s just too busy to fit breakfast in?  We
know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but sometimes it just gets skipped.  This can spell disaster and leave you running for foods that are high in fat & sugar later in the morning.

The following recipe is from Coffs Coast Health Club’s “Nutrition Complete” program.  Fast and easy, so now there is no excuse for skipping breakfast  instead grab a fast and healthy Banana Orange Strawberry Shake.

Banana Orange Strawberry Shake
Per Serve  
Calories:   414
Fat:   2.4
Protein:   41.3
Carbohydrates:   56.2
Fibre:   3.3
Serves :   1
On The Table In :   3 minutes.
Region :   Western
Gluten Free:   Yes
Vegetarian:   Yes
Dairy Free:   No
Instructions :
1. In a blender, process all the ingredients until thoroughly mixed and serve.

Chef’s suggestion:
– for a thicker texture, keep sliced bananas in the freezer and use straight from the freezer.

   Quantity Recipe Name
    75 grams frozen strawberries
    0.75 – banana’s, small (approx 130g each)
    45 grams natural soy protein powder
    375 mls orange juice, unsweetened    

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