Thursday Night Recipe…Almond Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry :) Fast & Easy

The Coffs Coast Health Club is the only club in the Coffs Harbour region to offer Nutrition Complete. 
Nutrition complete is a web-based program that assists in weight lose, maintenance and weight gain through its convenient web-based program.  

You can do Nutrition Complete anywhere… just as long as you have internet connection. 
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We will be featuring the Nutrition Complete recipes on our blog. 
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So tonight, it is Chicken. 
Enjoy…best part, it is low in fat, quick and easy to make. 
Whether you are cooking for one or more, it is sure to please all.  Bon Appetite!

Almond Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

Serves : 4
On The Table In: 15 minutes
Region : Asian
Gluten Free: Yes
Vegetarian:  No
Dairy Free:  Yes
Nutritional details per serve
Calories: 371
Fat: 13.1
Protein: 31.4
Carbohydrates: 31.8
Fibre: 7.5
Instructions :
1. Slice the chicken into small bite sized pieces and set aside.

2. Slice the carrot and capsicums julienne style (thin and long) and roughly chop the broccolini, spring onion and coriander. Trim the beans and cut in half.

3. In a hot wok heat the sesame oil and then add sugar, lemongrass, lime juice, kecap, garlic and sambal oelek. Heat to infuse the flavours. Add almonds and cook for 3 mins on a medium heat. Add chicken and cook a further 2 mins on high heat.

4. Add the beans, carrots, broccoli, red, yellow and green peppers and cook for 2 mins. Add freshly chopped spring onions and coriander and mix through.

5. Serve immediately.

Recipe courtesy of The Almond Board of Australia –

   Quantity Recipe Name
   1 sprigs fresh coriander
   1 pump cooking oil spray
   5 grams palm sugar
   0.25 green capsicums, large (approx 160g each)
   1 tsp lemon grass, sliced in water
   1 tsp garlic, minced
   80 grams fine green beans
   50 grams broccolini
   100 grams chicken breast fillets, skinless and boneless
   5 mls kecap (ketjap manis)
   0.25 yellow capsicums, large (approx 160g each)
   0.5 carrots, small (approx 100g each)
   5 grams sambal oeleck
   10 grams almonds, raw, whole
   5 mls sesame oil
   20 mls lime juice, bottled
   0.25 red capsicums, large (approx 160g each)

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