Where did the Coffs Coast Health Club Staff vanish to last weekend?

Over the weekend did you miss some of the instructors in the club?  Did you ask yourself where was Nicola, Glenn, Jaqui, Keaton, Tegan, Carla and Amanda to name a few?!  Well they were with over 2500 other like-minded, fit and healthy people.  They were at the FILEX Convention in Sydney.

You might be asking yourself what is FILEX?  Well let me answer you by saying it is the largest fitness conference in the Southern Hemisphere, with experts coming from all across the world.   These experts shared with the delegates their expertise and knowledge in the area of business, personal training, group exercise, mind & body, physiotherapy…training for children, men, women, and seniors.  There were doctors, trainers, business gurus, Zumba fanatics, club owners, instructors, physiotherapist, yogi masters and just a myriad of people all under one roof.  The energy and vibe there was electrifying.

Yes, the conference was just amazing but what was really amazing was the fact that 12 instructors from the Coffs Coast Health Club took a long weekend out of their busy lives, traveled to Sydney, invested their money & time to attend Filex.  This commitment to the club, the industry and you is to be highly commended.  I have worked in many different clubs all over the world but for a medium sized club, nestled in regional NSW between Sawtell & Coffs Harbour, to have such a high level of dedicated staff, well, this  leaves me speechless.

The reason the instructors & trainers did this is because of the commitment they have for you the members, the Australian fitness industry and to the Coffs Coast Health Club itself.  One thing you will never find in any other club that you may walk through the front door of…you will never find the devotion or commitment as you will find here, at your club.  This club is all about you the members!   The staff at this club are committed to training you with the latest and safest methods of training required to keep you healthy and fit for years to come.

So next time you see an instructor or personal trainer who attended FILEX, ask them what the weekend meant to them.

Enjoy your week & enjoy your workout.


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