Mmmm hot soup for these chilly nights! It’s Thursday Recipe Day, fast & easy Straciatella Soup

Well good evening
We hope each one of you are cozy and all is well!  Okay so last week’s Chicken Soup was not a hit due to the cooking time, but it did say “slow cooker!”  I’m sure it tasted fabulous as well, due to the patience required.

So we are taking a different approach this week, this is “fast” soup.
Perfect to accompany any menu or have it on its own for a light snack or meal and best of all simple to make 🙂 now we’re talking. 

So give it a go and enjoy.

Straciatella Soup


500 ml Chicken stock
1 large Free range egg, lightly whisked with a fork
5g Parsley, finely chopped
7g Parmesan, microplaned grated
Sea salt (half a pinch)


Bring the Chicken Stock just to the boil in a large sauce pan, remove from heat wait 5 seconds when slowly pour the egg into the stock and gently run the fork through 4 to 5 times.
To serve sprinkle with parmesan and parsley and season with a little sea salt not too much.

Recipe by Maggie Beer


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