Extra hours awake = extra calories consumed!

Normal weight individuals who lose out on sleep are more prone to fill their extra waking hours with extra calories, according to a recent US study.
Researchers from Columbia University found that sleep-deprived study participants consumed an average of nearly 300 calories per day more than those who had a full night’s sleep. Troublingly, the majority of the extra calories were in the form of saturated fat.
The team monitored the eating habits of 13 male and 13 female participants while they slept for just four hours a night, for six nights, and then for nine hours per night for six days.
Interestingly, the researchers found a difference in calorie intake between male and female study subjects, with women consuming an average 329 calories and men an average 263 calories.
‘If sustained, the dietary choices made by people undergoing short sleep could predispose them to obesity and increased risk of cardiovascular disease’ commented the researchers.

Source: American Heart Association


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